Possible accidental early publishing?

Today, I got a comment from a random stranger whom I have never seen before on this site.  The comment was posted on an unpublished ible, which I have NOT posted a link to on the site.  

Interestingly, looking at the publish date, it says it was published today, although I never published the ible at all, and earlier today it said [date] in that spot

The instructable IS a collaboration with Oblivitus, who agreed to help me with a few images for it.  Keywords and categories have been added if that helps any.

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Shadowman397 years ago
My collaboration with Hiyadudez is messing up too, but it has to do with image notes.
DJ Radio (author)  Shadowman397 years ago
Only the original author can add image notes.
Yeah, but it was weird because he was the original author, but I could post image notes on a step, and then he said he couldn't post image notes anywhere on the Ible. So we just made a new Instructable, and it works fine now.
TheChemiker7 years ago
That is weird....
stale567 years ago
I didn't see a link on your page, and I didn't get an Email alert. I don't know what it could be, but did Oblivitus post it?
Maybe it was posted (on accident) and then you quickly hit "unpublish", and that guy happened to click on that small time frame...
DJ Radio (author)  stale567 years ago
Collaborators can't publish instructables.  And I never did publish or unpublish it.