Possible to Reprogram Handheld Tetris?

I programed a simple game on a basic stamp before, and I just got one of those super cheap handheld tetris games
in hopes of using the LCD screen like a dot matrix.
The screen can't be practically used, but I noticed that the circuit board inside the game had a arrangement of holes that reminded my of my serial cable

more pictures: http://s156.photobucket.com/albums/t31/frank26080115/tetris_hack/

I can solder some wires to that and keep trying each pin until I ruin the original program or fry it completely, but before I start, is this even possible to program it like a PIC?

If it's not, is there a way to use those little flat parts that tough the back of the screen operate the LCD screen?

Has this been done before?

andy10 years ago
i ment to say "screen, sparkfun have a few..." me and my proofing. Those circular connectors you mentioned, i think that they are "test points" for when they are testing components during production, four of them go straight to the LCD while the others appear to be connected to the chip, probably either a clock line or ground. I dont think they will be any use, best of luck, Andy
frank26080115 (author)  andy10 years ago
yea i gave up on this when i figured out there is such a thing as a one-time-programmable chip though i will try and etch a board for the screen someday, and see if i can get some bots to light up also gonna pick up a single line lcd in a few days LMAO 4 of my instructables is in the box that says "we made it" (on the left of your screen)
andy10 years ago
I don't think that it will be writable, or readable for that matter (keeps competitors hands off of the code) you can try but probably wont get anywhere.

If you can etch circut boards i think you have a chance at using the screen, notice the connectors on the original PCB? get that distancing on your own PCB and then it would be a simple (but tedious and probably time consuming) case of connecting it up and trying each individual connection until you find ground, then messing with the rest until you have figured the whole thing out.

If you are lucky then you might even be able to find a strip board with the same spacings, it will just be a case of experimentation.

Ive personally not done or heard of anything like this before but theres no harm in being the first.

If that does not work you could try buying a screen,sparkfun have a few, im not sure how they are price-wise, just something i pulled off of google. Anyway, best of luck.