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naviator3 years ago
I am running an HP quad core desktop with Win 8.1 and can suddenly no longer log onto Instructables. I went thru the password reset drill, but the link the 'bot sent to my e-mail only opened a "generic" instructables page, without taking me to a password reset page.
You need to either post a fresh topic in the Bugs forum (this topic is in the wrong forum), or send an email to, detailing your problem.

Whichever you do, please remember that it is the holiday season, and only a skeleton crew are on deck at the moment.
leevonk (author) 11 years ago
can't add third step to my instructable, keeps saying 'no changes'....
leevonk (author)  leevonk11 years ago
now it says, 'not authorized to make changes' and sometimes it says 'double post!'
Jack Daniels11 years ago
i can'r view any of the instructables past there front pages it's really starting to bug me as it has been like this for 2 days
give me a little more info. you can't view any of the steps, just the intro? can you view this step?

i can view old ones but if i try to view any steps on the new ones i get this ERROR 403: can not view: E2ELM7NIJHETOML5HB ERROR 403: can not view: E2ELM7NIJHETOML5HB
Sorry about that. We had a permission setting problem with new Instructables. It's all fixed now.
leevonk (author)  Jack Daniels11 years ago
same problem here
Jack Daniels11 years ago
so then what do we do?
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