Post-It animation shows creative process

Or the stalling of the creative process. This animation is an ode to trying to get things done for a deadline and getting a little distracted along the way. Enjoy.

via Geekologie

Picture of Post-It animation shows creative process
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ambergamgee8 years ago
You just blew my mind, that was incredible
I hope they reused sticky notes. Having different ones for each scene change wouldn't be green.
jdogsbart8 years ago
how many sticky notes did that take?
shabagana8 years ago
The best stop motion videos I have ever seen. True genius
dreath778 years ago
crap, thats was awesome
wenpherd8 years ago
this is so amazingly awsome!
This is wicked awesome! I totally relate. Genius.
fozzy138 years ago
awesome! Must've taken a long time..
minerug8 years ago
Very cool!
they used a lot of sticky notes in this!
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