Post a Pic - Get a Patch

I've got a few patches to give away, so I thought I'd start a contest that would allow me to see some of your faces.

Just post a photo of yourself doing something out of the ordinary before the 15th, and I'll send a patch to my favorite entries.

That means you've got one week to put up a photo of yourself being the weirdos I know you all are.

Oh, and if your picture needs explaining...please explain it.

To start it out, here's one of me mattress surfing in the UF dorms. It's pretty much exactly what it sounds like:

Picture of Post a Pic - Get a Patch
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Sunbanks8 years ago
Yeah... All I can say is that there was a giant arrow on the side of the highway so I was like "OMG Mom! Let's go take a picture of it!!"
ChrysN8 years ago
This is a bit late, but I don't do things out of the ordinary too often. This is me trying to hang upside down on a zip line, which is not too out of the ordinary, but considering I'm kinda afraid of heights, this a bit crazy for me.
housebunny8 years ago
Weissensteinburg (author)  housebunny8 years ago
What about it?
lemonie8 years ago
Is this finished yet - who got the patches? L
Weissensteinburg (author)  lemonie8 years ago
I really need to judge it...
ok, im not sure if im late, but here. from Niagara!
Which one are you? The one in the pink skirt?
*angry glare*
I'm guessing your the one in the green hoodie, or jacket?
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