Post what you get!

Merry Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/New Year everyone!

Post any and all of the presents that you get for the holidays, and please, tell us how well they work! (Or, how you plan to hack them! =D)

Happy Holidays!

(My pictures will be up in a little while)

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Danny10 years ago
I got everything i wanted, nothing more nothing less. A Ibanez guitar. A line 6 spider 3 amp. Clothes. New Guitar stand. Some stuff for guitar (new strings, string winder, capo, news strap) An FX pedal. A hair brush :D Chocolate Money. Tickets to an Avenged sevenfold concert.
Flumpkins Danny9 years ago
A7X TICKETS!!?!!! NOOOOOOOO..... So how was it?
Danny Flumpkins9 years ago
Mind blowing.
Flumpkins Danny9 years ago
Awesome. Wait... I practicly just heard of them (And they became my new fav band), and was at after or before there new Self titled album?
gmoon Danny10 years ago
Those Line 6 amps ROCK!
its a lion gmoon10 years ago
I'm not a huge fan of them, but for what they do, they do pretty well. I'm still debating if I really want that Orange Tiny Terror or not for Christmas... $500-600 is quite a bit of my Christmas money...
quite a bit of your christmas money *faints* I remember the year I got a bike, it was a $50 Huffy 3 speed, and I had to share it with my brother LOL
gmoon its a lion10 years ago
Great sound for an inexpensive solid-state amp--but to each his own, of course... I do hear a lot of players who also own tube amps say: "I just play the Line 6 now."
its a lion gmoon10 years ago
Of course each person has to play what they like instead of listening to others. That being said though, its definitely good considering how much you pay for it.
Danny gmoon10 years ago
I know!!
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