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I'm surprised nobody's done this yet. Post your desktop/computer/workstation setup. Pics of mine below:

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Sys specs.jpg
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gmjhowe9 years ago
Well, here is mine - i kno this thread is old, but i only just found it - powermac G5 - Macbook - Samsung pebble 20" screen - thin client linux machine My desk actually consists of 3 desks, two along one wall with a kitchen workside on them, and a third down one side. You can also play spot the ible, as there is 3 of them on there!
Thats an epic mess,but i can find the mac and the monitors in there from a few seconds of looking
Its very different now. Heres a picture.
lol, one of your monitor is sitting on its side... :-)
Did you not see the instructable?
No, but thanks for the link Gmijhowe!
Still an epic mess...especially on the floor. what happened there? it looks like an indoor hurricane wiped through that room and left a mess
gmjhowe - the indoor hurricane
Ha yeah
dombeef gmjhowe8 years ago
Hey is that a Robo Shark logo?
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