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I've gotten so used to having my links, toolbars etc where they are, that i though "What would it be like to use someone else's customised Firefox?" Hence the topic. So go ahead and post a screenshot of your customised Firefox, call it a social experiment. It doesn't matter how over or under the top it is, I'm just curious to see. I'll get the ball rolling on this one...

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DudeMG9 years ago
mine: :)
DudeMG DudeMG9 years ago
o yeah also: THEME: Noia 2.0 (eXtreme) ADDONS:(in order of priority) AdBlock Plus, Download Statusbar, Fast Video Download, DownloadHelper, Foxytunes, toolbar. sorry some is greyed out... i had some private bookmarks
whatsisface (author)  DudeMG9 years ago
That's a sweet theme you've got there. I might get the download statusbar as well, I download a lot of software etc..
Thanks! yeah the status bar is really convinient compared to the window
DudeMG DudeMG9 years ago
also greasemonky sry
sardines45410 years ago
Here is mine. Theme: macfoxIIgraphite. Addons: Adblock Plus, Add n Edit Cookies, All-in-one Sidebar, better Gmail, Compact Menu-Firebird, draganddropupload, Fasterfox, firebug, Fission, Forecastfox, Google Reader Notifier, Google Toolbar for Firefox, Greasemonkey, Instructables Toolbar, mplayerplug-in, Restart Firefox, Resurrect Pages, Smart Bookmarks, Stealther, Stop-or-Reload Button, Tab Mix Plus, and User Agent Switcher. Description: I prefer to have as much screen space as possible. For this I only have one bar. On this bar is: Menu(contains file, edit, etc.), back button(i rarely go forward), nav. bar, gmail notifier, highlight tool, Bookmarks(greader, instructables, and blogger), google search box, google search selection, and page load.
oops, forgot pic, here it is:
my firefox screenshot.png
whatsisface (author)  sardines45410 years ago
Loving that Mac look.
thanks, it's not a real mac though :( it is ubuntu with bunch of themes. almost looks real except the old school apple logo in the top bar. used to be blue but I like the old one better
i have kubuntu on my windows computer it opens in a seperate window :D, i absolutely HATE konquoror
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