Post your Manga (^_^)

Hi everyone!
I just wanted to start a place where people can post and view their manga style drawings.
You can post your work no matter what your ability :)
Looking forward to seeing the pics :D


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wonkywomen7 years ago
What is your favourite color?????


My favorite is Red, it's tense, it's the most badass color.

CarlyB81 year ago

this is just a couple of pages of a manga I wanted to make lol sorry for bad quality and the door


Here ya go!

Used GIMP 2.8 and a mouse to draw this one.

It's titled: "My Slice of Heaven".

The cat is "Summer" from a book I'm writing called "Wildcat: Glowing Ember".

caitlinsdad7 years ago
You should look on Lots of people post their art there.

Ya don't say.... Something with the name of DeviantART would actually have art???

I guess you would expect something with the name of Instructables too.

sk8bird7 years ago
so...seeing as no one else is posting anything...
er, I've been trying to draw manga ^^ Not very well, I'm afraid, but's mostly just for fun, because I'm completely manga obsessed (I've read/am following over 200 mangas...and counting XD) Yeah, comments are welcome, I guess, including negative ones, but if they're really really negative, beware, I have a lightsaber! }:)

really nice

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