Post your Presents !!

So what ya' get !!??!!

Post any cool presents you got here and add pics if there really cool !
Also if you have any cool Christmas pic's post them !

This isnt a competition !
Dont degrade other peoples gifts
Dont LIE !

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n8man8 years ago
I got 2 more gigs of ram for my laptop, Microsoft office 2007 student editetion, a wii game, and vista ultimate. (please no vista rags, especially for those who have not even used it)
=SMART= (author)  n8man8 years ago
cool ! my laptop needs more ram, it runs like a drunken tortoise :P My mate has had vista for ages and he hasn't had any problems at all !
Haha, yeah, so as my laptop's ram, it runs too slow as well... It has 512MB and 30GB of hard drive space. My dad's desktop computer's ram had 5GB and 2TB (2000GB) of hard drive space!!!!
Haha! Yeah, he payed about $3000 for that beast... :-O
sp1 makes vista all the better!
n8man DJ Radio8 years ago
Yes it does
DJ Radio n8man8 years ago
check my gift:
pics 013.JPG
is that the slim and lite or the fat and chunky i have chunky lol
Its the slim. But I also have a chunky PSP (its broken :-( )
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