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The question is simple: Where do you do your DIYing or MAKEing? Pictures of my area below.

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StyleCore9 years ago
LOL Only KNEX workstation
House 012.jpgHouse 010.jpg
tech-king9 years ago
why is yours so clean?????!!!!!!! this is mine now: im moving later this month into a bigger space.
instructable desk 004.jpg
very nice !!
Firebert010 (author)  tech-king9 years ago
I just recently cleaned it. That's why there's no chair there. I was working on like three different projects at the same time. Everything got way too cluttered so I put it all away and am now working on just one.
Well I guess this is one of the places:
that gun's not real is it !!?!!?
I win for messiest. Can't wait for the break between semesters to clean it. Back left, drill press/lathe Back right junk&generator and tablesaw cum work surface Center right storage and surface planer right foreground working tablesaw & unfinished sailing dinghy Left paint table Up unfinished kayak and finished canoe.
shop 002.JPG
Firebert010 (author)  Tool Using Animal9 years ago
Those are beautiful boats. Did you make them from raw materials yourself?
Thank You, yes, they're hand made, the canoe is cedar and the kayak is stitch and glue ply. There's a better pic of the canoe.
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