Post your bike(s)

  I like bikes and to see how other people have them set up.   I've noticed that through the years I have collected a few photos of the different bikes I've gone through. 
 If you have a photo (or a few) please post them....... I'd like to see.  Feel free to include trailers,  gear,  or anything bike related. Thanks

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Malhecho4 years ago
My latest build, Im either selling this or auctioning it for my bike clubs Toy Drive.
Malhecho4 years ago
just a few more
onrust (author)  Malhecho4 years ago
You put a lot of work into your rides and it shows. Clean rides man
Malhecho4 years ago
heres my ten speed
onrust (author)  Malhecho4 years ago
This is sweet. I bet its fast.
Mr.Sanchez4 years ago
Check these out.
onrust (author)  Mr.Sanchez4 years ago
Got to love a Giant!
I have to confess that Those frames are from Colombian manufacturers,(Monark) The red one (Carrie) I rescued it from a Junkyard, and the white one (Alice)has been in our family since almost 30 years.!!
onrust (author)  Mr.Sanchez4 years ago
Killer. Great color.
neil17014 years ago
I have posted some pictures of my bike,trailers and homemade panniers,also a few cycling related pics and a few pics of places i have been - Rob Roy's Cave is on the East side of Loch Lomond and this was a trip where i was out for the day(picture below - Loch Lomond+) for about 16 hours. 3 English lads stopped me on the east side of Loch Lomond near where i took the picture i have added here and took pictures of my bike and quite a few people have other times when i have been out.....The big advertising triangle,which sits on top of the trailer with flatbed,that usually goes out once or twice or thrice during National Bike Week in the Uk here,which is uaually in july............Picure upload doesn't seem to be working properly but i have put the pictures on my GOOGLESITE-Nigelsworldinc.....
onrust (author)  neil17014 years ago
gee, thanks
neil17014 years ago
PPS - I mean the Cycling Pages on my googlesite-nigelsworldinc,my thinking or navigation was off a wee bit there..............
Bikebudy4 years ago
Here's a few
I was thinking more Raleigh 'Chequered Flag' Burner
onrust (author)  Bikebudy4 years ago
Checkered pads....priceless! Are those red grips Oakley?
Bikebudy onrust4 years ago
Not sure, they were N.O.S. off e-ba- and are sweet as heck, I've seen them on there in Black also. Have checkered flags on the ends.
Looked them up just now, Schwinn Mag Scrambler Grips.

Few old Banana Seats,
onrust (author)  Bikebudy4 years ago
DROOL..... Nice collection. I'd never ride purple metallic but it is awesome eye candy!
I had the matching TuffWheel II mags on a Schwinn Scrambler when I was a kid......I thought they looked familiar.
heres my whizzer
onrust (author)  liquidhandwash4 years ago
Looks like it's doing 35mph just sitting there.