Post your speaker systems here!

What kind of speaker system do you have? Doesn't matter if it's computer speakers or concert stacks :p Me: -Kenwood 1060vr surround amp 110 watts per channel - 550watts -Technics tower speakers, twin woofer mutual effect system, 230 watts each Mirage nano sub (canadian made) with ribbed foam surround (clean sounding!) - 300 watts I still have yet to get the rear channels set up, but it's useless without the remote as you need it to turn the surround channels on *has pissed off look*. Anyone have a kenwood 1060vr remote??

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Rishnai9 years ago
Concert stacks. I'm rocking two Peavey concert stacks in the basement, and upstairs I've got a homebrew quad setup with twin KLH endtable-size-speakers in front, and two unidentified 14-inch speakers that came with my 8-track in the rear.
gmoon9 years ago
Doesn't matter if it's computer speakers or concert stacks :p

Last week I saw an old Conn organ by the side of the road...wondered if it was up at 6 the next morning, had been raining a bit so it was definitely abandoned...unfortunately, not a tube organ--but it had two superb 12 in., 8 ohm speakers.

Speakers were made by CTS, which in that era (late 60's) made their organ and guitar speaker identically. Not the best instrument speaker manuf, but not the worst...

These have a little "whizzer cone" mounted inside the main cone. Huh. Had to google to find the name of that little thingie...

The cabinet is a Peavey closed cabinet, separate chambers for each speaker. It's monstrous, probably weights 70+ lbs. I expect it was a bass cab.The front and back are partical board, more than 1 in. thick, sides are pine. (grill removed for the photo.) Paid a guy $50 for the cab (no speakers...)

The combo (speakers / cab) sounds absolutely great...
Punkguyta (author)  gmoon9 years ago
So that's what it's called?!?!? A whizzer cone?!? Damn thanks for finding that one. I've had speakers like this before, yes from and old electric organ. I bet you that cab would be great for a pair of 12" subwoofers.
gmoon Punkguyta9 years ago
Yeah, for a guitar cab the bass response is a little overkill (not for some, of course. ;-) Still, getting the "bottom" is what the bass player is for... I tend to think an organ speaker has more bass than a guitar speaker, but I guess the "whizzer cone" is supposed to add some high-end. Might have to build a 2x12 open-backed cab, as this one's a pain to transport. Guess I won't be in a hurry, tho, with this to play with....
mdmoose299 years ago
Vintage 1970 Sunsui 7070. 60 watts/channel. Klipsch KSB 2.1 Bookshelf Speakers 100 watts/channel. The Sansui pushes the speakers insanely amazing. I never go past 1/3 power.
Punkguyta (author)  mdmoose299 years ago
Yes I'm noticing even the difference between my kenwood and a sony I picked up. The sony seems to have more "authority" to the bass dare I say.
Kenwood 135w per channel audio system. dual 130w subs, 135w 4way mains. 500+w have been measured.
Punkguyta (author) 10 years ago
Youtube vid walkthrough, feel free to do the same if you guys want: