Posters For My New Room

I just moved my room and the walls are a little bare. I was just wondering what posters you guys like.
Please if possible give links. Right now I have picked out a few, but I have a lot of wall space.
All so I think I am going to throw up so EL Wire on the walls.
Thelonius Monk
Cool Hand Luke
The Elements

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CameronSS10 years ago
Get the largest Elements poster! Man, Theodore Gray is so cool. He even tucked a smaller version in PopSci, just for me! And for everyone else, but whatever.

Definitely something from Escher. Even cooler than Gray, and that's saying something.

Some astronomy posters always look cool, particularly Hubble images. Things like NGC 7293 (Helix Nebula) or NGC 4594 (Sombrero Galaxy), imaged in high resolution and expanded to poster size, are always cool. If only they could print in phosphorescent colors, so you could have a full-color, glowing nebula at night...
joejoerowley (author)  CameronSS10 years ago
Yeah he gave me that smaller version too. Thanks
Kiteman10 years ago
Use this Instructable to create a giant poster of Robot in your favourite pose:
joejoerowley (author)  Kiteman10 years ago
All right. Thanks!
ll.1310 years ago
A3 Printer and you're done. look for The Matrix movie covers, print them off in hi-res. ... (;
NachoMahma10 years ago
. I have a poster/chart of "dimensionless numbers" on my wall. . . There's the ever popular poster of Farah Fawcett bird-doggin'. . Just about anything by Vaughn Bode. . MC Escher prints. . And, of course, you MUST get the Dogs Playing Poker set. heehee