Posting An Instructable

I published my instructable two days ago and it is still not showing... What should I do? By the way it says published on my account.

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I'm wondering the same thing I just posted my first instructable today & I don't see it @ all :-(
jollyrunner (author)  sofiadragon19795 years ago
Is it that blueberry cottage cheese dish? I don't like cottage cheese but that still sounds really good. Make sure it isn't in the recent folder for instructables, because you might be looking at the featured instructables instead. Good luck!
I check teh recent stuff all the time, I don't like looking @ the featured ones except once a month. But yes that is the dish.
caitlinsdad5 years ago
It probably got hung up in the filters since it is a "weapons, you can take an eye out" kind of instructable. When the staff gets back to work on Monday business Pacific time, they should be able to review it and release it to the wild.
Kiteman5 years ago
Your project has most likely been caught up in the automatic filters (weapon-related projects often are).

As soon as a human being gets into HQ on Monday morning (California time), it will be released for general viewing.

In the mean time, your project looks fine to me, so there is nothing stopping you advertising your project, sending the link to your friends, posting it on FaceBook, Tweeting it etc.