Potassium nitrate as a oxidizer in liquid fuel rocket?

Would potassium nitrate work as a oxidizer in a liquid fuel rocket?

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Unsuitable, slapeter is for solid rocket fuel, classic liquid fuels are oxigen and NOS.

Playing with rockets is one thing but if you have to inquire about the basic fuels you need a better hobby as otherwise I only see you burning in a field somewhere...

WastelandWilly (author)  Downunder35m3 years ago

well I have done many experiments with sugar candy and solid rocket fuels but I wanted to know if potassium would oxidize liquids.

Potassium nitrate mixed with a liquid fuel is one thing, and one thing only: a bomb. Put it in a rocket casing, and it's a pipe bomb.

Mix it in the UK, you're breaking several laws before you even light the fuse. Light it, and you're looking at jail time.

usually in a liquid fuel rocket, the oxidizer is separate from the fuel.

the only analogous solid+liquid system i can think of is the solidox welding torch. doing somethin similar for a rocket might take some serious engineering.

The Solidox welding torch did not use a solid oxidizer. It used a burning solid pellet to produce gaseous oxygen for the torch to use.

that burning solid pellet was 90% sodium chlorate, a strong oxidizer.

WastelandWilly (author)  Kiteman3 years ago

good think I don't live in the UK then

Are you sure that your local police will be happy that you are cooking up a version of the mixture most popular with the world's terrorists?

There is no legitimate use for a nitrate/liquid fuel mixture.

WastelandWilly (author)  Kiteman3 years ago

Are you sure you are not confused with the Ammonium nitrate/liquid fuel mixture?

(I missed this comment when it was made)

No, I'm not confusing it, that's why I said "a version" - mixing up any kind of amfo will bring you to the notice of secuity forces anywhere on the planet.

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