Powderly Released From Prison - Plans Instructable

As you may have heard instructables friend James Powderly was being held by the Chinese government for planning a pro-Tibet laser tagging event. He was held for 6 days and was finally released on monday. Here's what he had to say in a statement on Artnet:

Powderly, who feels he was subjected to psychological torture, nevertheless stresses that what he went through pales in comparison to the ordeal of political prisoners or other inmates. He intends to share his experience with human rights groups and politicians, as well as with the public through his art. "They're going to really wish that they killed my ass," he said.

If you're interested in his experience you can check out the article at Artnet, or you can wait for Powderly's own instructable in which he plans to instructablize his "Beijing projection machine" calling it "How to Get Yourself Thrown in a Chinese Jail." And from the test image you see below, it looks like it's going to be great.

We're glad you're back and safe, James.

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Well i'm glad he's OK, but all things aside, it really was stupid to do something like that in Beijing. This is place where they tortured the performers of the opening ceremony, and created 70 new beijing laws just for the olympics.
No, it was incredibly smart to do it when the international spotlight was on China, it would be stupid to do it at any other time.
If you've got to do it one way or another, than yes. But it's general knowledge what china does to their people and prisoners...I'd say it wasn't smart to do it at all.
Look at it this way, IF one acknowledges and accepts the probable consequences and outcome, and IF they are willing to endure what will probably happen, then I don't think I would call it stupid.
If one went in expecting things to be fairytale land" nice and all would work according to plan....then yes, that would be stupid.....but I doubt that he hadn't considered what MAY have happened, and weighed the balances out and realized......they will most likely arrest him, but they also will probably do nothing "atrocious", at least not while the whole world is watching. A bit of a gamble? Yes, but worth it if one wanted to demonstrate "the problem"? Probably.
Tortured the performers?
Wow. Sounds like this Zhang Yimou character needs to have his nuts slammed in a drawer a few times. What a bastard. I was really hoping they'd grow a backbone and take the Olympics away from China, but instead all of the free* countries just bent over and smiled. I mean, what are a few measly human-rights violations, permanent injuries, political executions, and torture sessions when compared to the grandeur of "The Games"? I think I'm going to be sick. Again.

*some restrictions apply - see your local government for details
I agree with the drawer slamming, probably wouldn't need to be too big of a drawer. Yup! You got it right the "Free Countries" are not as free as they think. With out sourcing by every "Free Country" and the balance of trade deficits, "China Owns The World"!
The director of the opening and closing ceremonies went on record as saying that large shows were easier to produce in China than London because he didn't have to bother about all those human rights...
That's terrible, even for China.
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