Power Supply and LEDs

Just wondering what i could do with my old computer power supply? THANKS.... Also...What bout LEDs ....what can i make with them??? THANKS

gyromild10 years ago
There are some good ibles on power supply conversion to into a benchtop power supply:


and here
Goodhart gyromild10 years ago
Oh good, I will have to compare notes :-)
Goodhart10 years ago
I have about 8 old computer Power supplies at home; some I have converted to "multiple range P/S's" and one I used for a test supply. Since there is a variety of outputs, there is a lot you can do with them. LED's can be used for any low light, lighting project from ornaments, to indicators to switches (using one of many optical sensors one can "turn something on/off when the LED lights, etc.). Lots and lots can be done.