Powering LEDS with mains power.

What if you made a voltage divider with high-value  resistors, and then rectify the signal?  Is that dangerous?

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pandyaketan7 years ago
I have made some... see my I'bles...

lemonie7 years ago
It's not a good way of doing things, but you could get it to work.
Are you on 110 or ~240?

flagrantfouler (author)  lemonie7 years ago
Isn't US power 110 AC 60 HZ?

Yes, I'm asking because this is an international website and I don't know where you live.
110 is like that because it's safer, you might be aware of the Edison / Westinghouse fight that happened a while ago - Edison went for 12V because it was safe, Westinghouse went for higher-voltage (dangerous) AC because it was better, and who won?


flagrantfouler (author)  lemonie7 years ago
Ha I was asking because I read that that was how power is delivered in the US but I don't really use mains power and I've never measured it. Would this method generate a lot of heat?

You wouldn't generate much heat with LEDs, there is a risk of electrical "accident" though. A "wall-wart" or similar would be advised.