Powering Peltier Plates

Hey guys,

So, I just got a Peltier plate, a device that gets very hot on one side while very cold on the other. It requires 90 watts of power. I was just curious what would happen if you powered it by USB or 9v battery. I found this tutorial which uses USB, however, I doubt it gets to its maximum coolness potential. Also, if I used a 9v, would that drain the battery in a matter of minutes, or even damage the plate?

Thank you.

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Joe426 (author) 9 years ago
Okay 9v and USB are out. How would you suggest I power this? With a 12V Wall wart AC to DC converter?
nope. youd still need at least 7.5 amps to make 90 watts, and that beyond any wall warts capability's.
I'm thinking a computer PSU would be a good bet, I have a 300W and 400W sitting here, just have a question about hotwiring them, it's purple to black isn't it? But you'd get a good 12V rail, the main 12V out would provide the amperage I'd think, also connected to a couple of other projects...
purple to black will short out and blow the psu, as purple is standby power (always live 5 volts). you want green to black.

i have the same question about powering peltier module. I only have +ve and gnd wires on it. I connected it to DC power source and I keep getting a short. You guys are mentioning black, purple and yellow wires. Am I missing something in between the peltier and the power source

Check the topic you started ;)

Thanks, I knew it was best to ask first...
Green to black to turn it on, and then the 12 volt is the yellow cord. (I'm assuming you know that black is ground.)
I knew black was ground, I just wasn't sure about which one was the power on line... That was ages ago, but thanks anyway...
Oh, yah. I should look at the dates before I comment...
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