Printing PDF files


I have tried several times recently to download custom PDF instructions from various instructables so as to print them. I don't do this often but in the past when I have it has worked fine.

Looking for possible reasons why I am running into problems this time. Any suggestions will be appreciated.


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mikeasaurus5 years ago
Downloading works fine for me (using Chrome).

ANY script blocking add ons (like AdBlock) will interfere with how the page loads and may cause things like 'favourites', 'PDF' and 'star ratings' to disappear.

You should disable script-blocking, dump your cache and refresh the page.
If you just want to print PDF files ,you can See the following code:It is used for printing certain page in PDF document.

public void PdfProcessorPrint(string PDFInputFile, int PDFPageNumberStart, int PDFPageNumberStop, string Printer);
jwhit (author) 5 years ago
The whole pdf downloads instead of the custom version. So I should say it is a download issue not printing one (sorry). I am using AOL enhanced by google. But I have always been able to get the custom versions in the past without any issues. Thanks for the responses.
Kiteman5 years ago
What problems are you having (ie, what messages)? Could you post a screen-shot of the message?

The bug-fixers also find it useful to know what browser you are using, and what version.
verence5 years ago
I'm confused - what's your problem: Printing an already downloaded PDF or downloading the PDF in first place?