Printing on Bottlecaps?

I'm doing some small scale brewing, and I want to rig up some custom labels & caps for a real professional presentation. Labels are easy enough, but caps are throwing a few spanners into the works... Does anyone have any ideas on how to print them? Here are my current ideas:

  • Toner Transfer - use a custom template and rig to hold multiple caps, then use an iron modified into a solder-press-like device to transfer. removing the paper cleanly could be difficult, and the results are unpredictable
  • Silk Screening - build a similar rig to hold caps in place, and screen them. i don't know much about creating screens, and longevity, but it's probably too complex/expensive for small batches.
  • Custom Stamp - use a rubber or pre-inked stamp to impress the design. simple, but expensive for multiple designs. i don't know how well the ink for pre-inked stamps will bond to metal, and I don't know what ink to use for a rubber stamp.

Any thoughts are welcome.

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jccooper6 years ago
I might suggest for custom bottle caps; instant design tool, no minimum order.
The best custom bottle caps are from

Use coupon code FALL for 10% off the pre-printed bags of 60!
hrabbot7 years ago
Wild Hops Print Shop offers laser engraved custom bottle caps.  Not a bad price, and they look nice.
CSQRD817 years ago
Don't know if you've found an answer to your question, yet, but I thought I'd throw my comment out there anyway. My fiancee posed a similar question to me recently and I came across this very helpful link:

In a nutshell, use a clear matte primer (Diamond Glaze) and then a permanent ink (like StazOn). StazOn claims to be able to transfer to all types of material, including metal.

Hope this helps! Cheers!
golfbird8 years ago
You can find custom printed bottle caps
I've actually bought from the site mentioned above:, the custom caps I ordered weren't near 0.49 a piece. I think that they have better deals for beer brewers. My boyfriend loves the design we had made, but again, it isn't a design directly on the cap. I'm not sure if that's good or bad. LOL
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Would they screen print metal bottle caps?
Back a few years :-) I bought my bottle capper and caps from Sears (& Roebuck). But they don't carry them anymore. That was back in the day you could get hops extract at the ACME :-)
Kiteman9 years ago
Why not emboss or impress them? Lay them upside-down on something like a cork surface and smack the inside with a punch-like dye?

Or what about some simple etching?
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