Private Instructables: a warning.

Folks, a warning about "Private" instructables; if you make it public, the "published" date does not change.

I started an instructable as an idea a *long* time ago, but finally got around to making it real today. Unfortunately, when if wrote the draft, I accidentally made it private. 

So, although i just finished it, it looks like I've got a project that has gone four years without a view.

Not complaining, just warning others.

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This is very good to know! Thanks for sharing.
iceng4 years ago
So, Germination is still a Private activity for you people ?

Super fun, I have the DVD set :)
Kiteman (author)  iceng4 years ago
Haha, no, I deleted the project when I found out it was going to look four years older than it really is.

I've written a fresh version, which I'm going to publish on Monday.
iceng Kiteman4 years ago
Good policy to Never publish on weakends :)