Prize addition for Get the LED Out! Contest

The runner-up prizes in the Get the LED Out! Contest now include $50 worth of LEDs from Phenoptix.

Long-time visitors may remember that Phenoptix put up LEDs as prizes in the last LED contest and we're happy to see them here again.

Picture of Prize addition for Get the LED Out! Contest
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nrepak8 years ago
SWEET I was just looking at their site and their stock is pretty inexpensive anyways!!! All the more reason to try harder!!!
dark sponge8 years ago
Dang, right after I thought it wasn't worth the prize. Now I need to hurry to make something....
Goodhart8 years ago
Cool !
Da_Fudge8 years ago
Sweet! Great last minute addition!
Looking forward to your high powered project!
ll.138 years ago
Welcome back Phenoptix!!
phenoptix8 years ago
We're very proud to be part of the contest again - also sorry we've been away for so long!
Kiteman8 years ago
T hose look awesome. I may just have to enter.
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