Prize suggestions and feedback needed! What would YOU like to win?

Hi everyone!

Here at HQ we just finished scheduling contests for the remainder of the year, and it got me thinking - we need to find new and exciting prizes for next year. :D

I would love to hear any and all suggestions for products you guys would like to win!

I'd also love to hear feedback about prizes we've offered this year - what did you like? What didn't you like? Do you prefer getting a shiny new electronic toy or a prize pack more suited to the theme of the contest?

Have a suggestion for a contest theme? Check out this topic!

Picture of Prize suggestions and feedback needed! What would YOU like to win?
Deeg5 days ago

Just popping in to say I think the oscilloscope prizes in the Sensors Contest is a neat idea.

M3G7 days ago

Amazon or Home Depot gift certificates!

jmwells9 days ago

how about an all expenses trip to the National Tool Show in Chicago? I understand its huge.

Or to your nearest large Maker Faire, since entrants would be international.

Ha ha. Gotta have faith. Keep up the great work. Wish I had the opertunity work there. Things just seem to conspire against that.
Yeah but in near the Bay Area. And intend on attending again this year.

LOL, you're that certain of winning?

Kiteman9 days ago

How about LED cube kits of various sizes, depending on the level of the prize?

Oh, that also gives me an idea for a contest theme!

gsyme1310 days ago

One of those 20x20 rubix cubes

Michael C10 days ago

I would love to see something from Saw Stop. They are changing the way carpenters look at wood working, one finger at a time.

anders62511 days ago

3d printers.

You can already win those! Have a look:

Bear Grylls Stuff for the Outdoor Survival contest

shazni1 month ago

air brush compressor and air brush, pipe clamps, mini drill press, dremel, jewelry soldering torch, wood lathe ;-) to name a few

Mini drill press, they heard. Its there in jewelry contest.

+1 for wood lathe (especially the compact one)

Package of 10 packs of estes D engine rockets!

60 liter scuba tank with regulator

ASCAS17 days ago

Replace tablets with smartphones :)

What about an Instructables Robot Toy or plastic Figurine? It would be AWESOME to show our support of this site with a little robot on our backpack, office desk, or just out in plain sight for all to admire!

Brennn101 month ago

A Slayer Espresso Machine :/

hunter9991 month ago

K'nex! XD umm it really depends on the Contest. If it was a contest for the 'play' catogory, I'd love to win some Nerf guns or darts :-)

gsyme131 month ago

For the lego contest do an EV3

SnazzyBot1 month ago

I'd love to win a Preval sprayer! It would be really nice if they'd sponsor a contest, because I just recently found out about the product through Preval's instructables, and I think a lot of makers need to know about it. Having sprayers as a contest prize would bring them to a lot of people's attention.

MoserLabs1 month ago

Usually just knowing I gave it my best makes each one a win. But judged the winner by the community makes it even better!

I'm digging the camera idea as prizes (I didn't realize how sucky my cameras were around the house til I tried to use them for an instructable...) as well as a video camera maybe?

I also like the 1 Yr pro membership idea if it's not already being done

hunter9991 month ago


I am not really that sure :-/

JM19991 month ago
Do any of the prizes come with a pro membership?
That would be cool if a non-pro won and could become a pro!

You don't have to win a contest to get pro membership, just post something awesome, you may get featured and get a 3-month pro membership for free. Or look for free giveaways in community.

Aren't giveaways free anyway?

(sorry, I just had to say that)

Oh yes, they are :D, I just want to emphasize on the word FREE its just more tempting then giveaways :) LOL

Yeah, I get what you mean, I think I am just jealous a little bit that I put so much work into an instructable and it doesn't get featured.

Thanks to 786Ayesha that I am a pro now.

Ohh... I know how it feels. I checked your instructables, they are good. I suggest you check these and work accordingly


I know you get a 3 month pro if one of your 'ibles gets featured, what I want is for the non-pros that win to get a pro membership as part of their prize.

Actually I think they do get 1yr pro membership, when they win. I just found emails for contests I previously won.

Instructables Robot backpack! like the robot t-shirts, it would be great :D

jessyratfink (author)  Muhaiminah Faiz2 months ago

We are going to do totebags at some point! It's been on our list for a loooooong time. As soon as we have the budget I'm going to order some. :D

I'll have to look and see how expensive an actual backpack is. :)

Oh wwoow! I'm sooo excited! I really hope it happens very soon.

I had a plan of making a simple backpack with instructables robot logo on it, if it's okay to use the robot logo! is it? ;)

Wow.. I was also thinking about it when I found my robot logos inside the drawer. Go for it Muhaiminah :), I might be after you :). You know with some inspiration :D

+1 for robot bagpack but if they are costly, how about small slingbag but big enough to carry a kindle like tablet.

Yap, that'll work too! so excited!

Are you planning of winning it or is this some deal going on where you get a bag for free?

Has anyone ever made a robot style computer mouse?

No, I suggested a prize idea. Every time I see my backpack I wish it had a robot logo on it. I'd try my best to win one :)

Not sure about robot style computer mouse, see if you like this one

That mouse it pretty neat!

Oh my god. I need one! Pleaaaaase make this happen. Please? PRETTY PLEEASE?

Yesssssss!!!!! :)

Paper quilling kit/ tool set...

AngryRedhead2 months ago

I'm pretty sure Instructables should start stalking everyone's Amazon wish list. :P

But I'll take some pilsner glasses etched with the Instructables robot. :D

Tools, gadgets and things like electronic cutter and laser cutters

BrittLiv2 months ago

I would love to win a belt sander. Pretty please!

shazni2 months ago

Well...i would love to win tools! Routers, saws, sanders drills, clamps, kreg jig ...the list is endless :-)

madminor2 months ago

I really like the contests where you can win prizes such as 3D printers. Often i only enter a contest if i like the prizes. I think that maybe instead of 1 3D printer as a grand prize, there should also be 3D printer kits aswell. Everybody loves them, and as a reward for a instructables competition, itd be great!

Vyger3 months ago
Foobear mentioned Wacom, Mine is pretty out of date and I have been thinking of updating it. I think anything Wacom would be a good prize. You could even offer several different sizes for 1st and second. Most people who have never tried them don't realize how handy they are. You might even get Wacom to sponsor a contest, now that would be cool.
foobear Vyger3 months ago
Agree!! I've been wanting a Cintiq for years... I can just imagine what a cool contest that might be.
foobear3 months ago
I have a comment about prizes.... Seems like the Grand Prize and First Prize walk away with wheelbarrows full of great stuff and the rest of the people get some small forgettable thing. Why not distribute the wealth a little more so that second and third places get more decent prizes. This will encourage people who know they can't walk off with the grand prize to at least make an effort. I suppose you may only want to attract highly competitive top of the line people, I guess, but even those people have limited time and may not want to compete in a death match over one or two worthwhile prizes and 10 uninteresting ones.
ddefilippo3 months ago
bertwert4 months ago
Domain names?
sunshiine4 months ago
Fabric, tools, and sewing accessories might be good for craft and sewing prizes is my suggestion.
thematthatter5 months ago
how about instead of a contest being powered by a chevy 1500, give away a Chevy 1500!!1!
foobear5 months ago
Here's another good one: the oscilloscope watch
foobear5 months ago
These could be a good prize that is also good for documenting your Instructable without fumbling around with a camera/tripod combo.

video eyewear

foobear5 months ago
azharz5 months ago
As the new consoles like PS4 and XBOX ONE are releasing, one of them as a grand prize should be great to give. It will be given in the robot contest or something like that.
sarick7 months ago
I actually have a question on a past contest-Best Fried foods. I entered and did not win -so am I free to enter this recipe in other cooking contests as this is an instructable site and not a cooking site. I would appreciate your answer- thank-you
Deeg sarick7 months ago
Instructables can't really prevent you from doing anything you want with your recipe. However, contests often have a restriction that your entry can't already be published. Check the rules for the cooking contest; if they don't having anything about prior contests then go for it.
onemoroni17 months ago
I have a suggestion for a category or contest. I have ideas, but not the skills to fulfill them. How about a "Help Make It Happen" feature for idea submission. There could be off the wall solutions and legitimate working solutions considered for prizes. It could also take the form of a cooperative effort utilizing the combined skills of instructablers contributing to the end solution, or project.
Mr.Sanchez7 months ago
Leatherman Skeletool bring them back to us.A bonito machete would be cool !!!
A Halloween boo-ti-ful.
wilgubeast7 months ago
Halloween is coming, everyone! And we need to figure out the prizes for the four contests that comprise the big Halloween competition.

We're specifically looking for cool tools and equipment that let you make more (and better!) Instructables at the following price points:
  • $1000 - (DSLR, laptop, etc.)
  • $300-500 - (tablet, chopsaw, stand mixer, etc.)
So if you have some good ideas or are tired of seeing the same iProducts and Canons instead of the sorts of tools that would motivate YOU to compete, help us out in the comments.
We have ironed out the prizes for Halloween, and the contest pages will go live on Monday. We chose to reward more people instead of offering a handful of large grand prizes. Also, there is a new limited edition t-shirt design for Halloween contest winners.
I am personally looking forward to a macbook as a prize. But a nice gift card to Home Depot would be great too as so many supplies are purchased there. What about a wicked air brush package or even a high end multi turbine HVLP paint gun kit. Just some thoughts.

The ideal prize especially for creating so many Halloween props is a foam gun. But the refills are quite pricey and hard to get.... but oh what you could do with your own foam gun.....
I wonder if Makers might get more use from a kit of small-medium tools, rather than one large tool?

Say, a suite of Dremel tools and attachments?
biskies Kiteman7 months ago
This is a great prize idea. I think the shed idea is fantastic as well, but maybe an option of a shed from the sponsored company or a gift card (since there are likely lots of people who rent apartments with no shed space).
I'm thinking a stationary scroll saw or bandsaw would be excellent prizes. maybe a metal lathe?
How about a Halloween decorator's pack with

-A fog machine (or two)
-Strobe lights
-Animated Halloween creatures
-Other cool stuff you would find at the Halloween store!
I may be playing to my image here, but what about a shed? A lot of Makers desire their own space to work in, and a shed is ideal.

In the UK, every national chain of DIY stores (B&Q, Wickes) stock sheds, as does a national catalogue store (Argos). Something like my own shed, 8x6 feet, big windows, fits right in your lower prize band, or you could move it to the upper band by stocking it with a bench and basic power tools.
Dremel tools and attachments, you say? Señor Mikeasaurus has ensured that they'll be included as part of the Halloween prize packages. At least for costumes, and possibly for props also.

Sheds are tough to ship, but that's an excellent idea otherwise. If we can find an outfit to dropship them, they should appear as contest prizes in the future. A literal maker shed is right in line with what we try to give away: something that'll enable authors to make (and document!) more projects.
Most people have space for Dremel tools.

I don't have the data to back this up but I'm going to guess a substantially smaller number of people have space for a shed.
If you got the mentioned chains to sponsor the contest, they deliver...
Reading a few of the earlier comments, I think giving option to choose from will be great. The winner might already be having it and selling the prize is not an option for most.

The prize could be such that it should help the winner in making better projects easily. Kits of tools are great but if the winner had already invested in them, then option might come to the rescue. :-)
jessyratfink (author)  Antzy Carmasaic7 months ago
The options are always slightly tricky - giving options makes it harder for us to get things out in a timely matter, and it makes tracking prizes for each contests a little more exciting.

We were offering choices for a really long time, especially food and living contests, but I think the negatives outweighed the positives.

It might be something we'll need to consider again if tons of folks ask for it, though!
Winning the concrete contest is great, I am pleased you liked the instruct able. But winning another concrete mixer was not the choice I would have made. I was hoping to win the next prize down- a countertop grinder, which I would be able to use.
I do understand the difficulties of offering options, but from the builder side, an option would be nice.
One COULD stipulate that an option should be picked ahead of time, with(in) the entry. Would that make it more palatable ?
If options becomes really difficult for the instructable staff to manage, then they can be given in a few exceptional cases. Like kiteman gave the idea of a shed as a prize. I live in an apartment and so does many of the makers here. So unfortunately I won't have any place to put it. But if I has a house with a backyard, I can't imagine any better contest prize. You guys are already doing such an amazing job with the contests, making it any more awesomer will be tough ;-)
Attmos7 months ago
Oh yeah, and Leathermans of course.
Attmos7 months ago
Like SlickSqueegie said, a scroll saw would be awesome.

For smaller prizes I thought duct tape sets and assorted glues were great.

Also things like exacto knife kits, drill bit kits, assorted small electronic kits, dremel bit kits and attachments; you know, the little things that small scale DIY'ers and crafters can use.
bertwert7 months ago
I think raspberry pi's and add-ons (e.g.: piface)
biskies7 months ago
I think cameras are great prizes. I'd love to win one eventually, mostly because I think that one of the things that holds me back from posting more ibles is that I have no choice but to take photos with my camera phone. Not everyone may feel the same though.
M3G7 months ago
A Home Depot or Amazon gift card.
The nerdling7 months ago
20 kits of your own board design not from the instructable
quad copter e.g ar drone
Horef7 months ago
1 kg of sugru. :D
jessyratfink (author)  Horef7 months ago
Ha! I would love to see what someone could do with that much sugru. :D
first ill fix allot of things around the house and the.. then ill fix the world. :D
Kiteman7 months ago
Any chance of bringing back the Leatherman prizes?

I think a mix of shiny toy & themed prize is the way to go - entrants to some contests are likely to own some themed items (such as a sewing machine or food mixer), but maybe not a geekified version (for instance, Kitewife owns a pepper mill. Roger-X owns an R2D2 peppermill (turn his dome to grind))?
Kiteman Kiteman7 months ago
Maybe extend the Robot themed items.

Most cooks have an apron, but having a Robot apron is awesome.

Mugs, coasters.

What about a Useless Machine kit, with Robot etched into the acrylic as well?

HQ staff have celeb status in a lot of members' eyes, so why not add a signed group photo?

Or a voucher for a guided tour of the new HQ by a staff member of the winner's choice?

Entrance to, and a night's accommodation near, a Maker Faire in the winner's home country?

jessyratfink (author)  Kiteman7 months ago
We've been talking about getting more customized stuff in prize packs for about six months now, and I hope we'll be seeing it actually happen soon! I found a company that has reasonable prices and I'm snooping around to find the best items. I'm especially excited about Robot tote bags. :D

Tote bags :-(

Sorry, waaay too girlie.

What about messenger bags, rucksacks, or even tool boxes?
Kiteman Kiteman7 months ago
Hats! Not just baseball caps, but hats of all kinds.

This is a real thing, that gets worn for real:
Goodhart Kiteman7 months ago
Hats off for that suggestion !
mazzmn Kiteman7 months ago
That's cool, I'm going to start using some instructables stickers on safety equipment...hearing protectors for example ha!

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