Prize suggestions and feedback needed! What would YOU like to win?

Hi everyone!

Here at HQ we're always planning contests, but sometimes we run out of prize ideas. :D

I would love to hear any and all suggestions for products you guys would like to win!

I'd also love to hear feedback about prizes we've offered this year - what did you like? What didn't you like? Do you prefer getting a shiny new electronic toy or a prize pack more suited to the theme of the contest?

Have a suggestion for a contest theme? Check out this topic!

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Fathomlis14 days ago

instructables hoodie! And maybe an instructables cap hat? How about some magnets or magnetic putty/fluid? A CNC would also be fantastic!

saige hill15 days ago

3d printers,desktop cnc machines, laser cutters,laptop,arduino,raspberry pi,

Cherzer1 month ago

Coverstitch machine

It is different than a sewing machine or serger, but complements them.

Not_Tasha1 month ago

travel mugs, cnc machinery, tabletop machinery, kilns! more kilns! more fabrication tools, Kitchen Aid Stand Mixers, https://gir.co/ GIR has great cooking tools!, power supplies, drones, MacBooks, iPad Pros...

Benne1 month ago

Not sure if this has already been mentioned before, but I would like to make a comment on prizes only suited for the US. I have won a couple of prizes in the past, which I'm super happy about (part of why Instructables is so awesome) and some of those prizes included electronics. When I received the prizes (soldering station etc.) I was a bit bummed that it only worked on 110V. I had to buy a pretty expensive voltage converter, to be able to use the things I won.

Since all contest are open for people from around the world I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem. I'm not sure if it is common for US households to have both 240V and 110V outlets, but at least in Europe we only have 240V. Quite a lot of electronics nowadays have both a 110V and 240V setting, so those products would be awesome to give to international winners. I can imagine that this is not always possible when selecting prizes, but maybe it is something where you guys can look into.

A recent example would be the first prizes for the metal contest. It's a beautiful welder, but it only works on 110V. A voltage converter would cost around 300 euros/dollars. Miller also sells 240V models, so I would think those are more suited for an international contest.

Please note I'm not complaining and still love everything you guys do, it's just a thought.

Yonatan24 Benne1 month ago

Agreed. The metal contest is open to US residents (I think) only...

I have a 600W 220to110V converter. Considering what you can win (and what I know you won), I think that it's worth spending some money (I have no idea how much they cost...) on a good one.

If you win something that works on 110V, you might be able to sell it somehow, and buy a 240V.

VeryyBusyy1 month ago

Giving away schwag is good, but a manufacturing credit to use with a custom part manufacturing service like emachineshop or similar would be even better. Then the prize will be that you get to make something else. :-)

Gift cards for Ponoko or other laser cutting services.


How about a GANKER fighting robot.

Thats a prize for Biotech contest maybe

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