Prize suggestions and feedback needed! What would YOU like to win?

Hi everyone!

Here at HQ we're always planning contests, but sometimes we run out of prize ideas. :D

I would love to hear any and all suggestions for products you guys would like to win!

I'd also love to hear feedback about prizes we've offered this year - what did you like? What didn't you like? Do you prefer getting a shiny new electronic toy or a prize pack more suited to the theme of the contest?

Have a suggestion for a contest theme? Check out this topic!

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TVbuster2 months ago

3D printers should not only be givin out for 3D printing contests. They could be given out for toy making contests. The people entering the contests Allready have 3D printers. It would be allot better if others could have a chance to get one.

Agreed. The prizes for contests should really not be involved in the making of the entries (printer for the printing contest, CNC for the CNC contest, drill/saw for the wood contest). Unless you plan to use a 3rd party service, there's no way to produce a viable entry.

Soooo agreed! How can I enter a 3D contest hoping to win a 3D printer if I don't actually have one to create the entry?? And that goes for everything. Sewing machines should be for prizes in NON-sewing contests, woodworking machinery prizes should be offered in NON-wooden related contests, etc. Give the fair chances to everyone.

Fathomlis1 month ago

Wood Turning Machine! :)

Agreed, full size lathe is a bit much. A mini lathe or dedicated pen making lathe might be reasonable.


A Lathe? The shipping would probably be really expensive if it's a weighted one...

Yonatan241 month ago

A Drill Press!

More RC toys,Cameras, and more mystery boxes

caracoda1 month ago
caracoda1 month ago

This one would be great for a prize:


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