Prize suggestions and feedback needed! What would YOU like to win?

Hi everyone!

Here at HQ we're always planning contests, but sometimes we run out of prize ideas. :D

I would love to hear any and all suggestions for products you guys would like to win!

I'd also love to hear feedback about prizes we've offered this year - what did you like? What didn't you like? Do you prefer getting a shiny new electronic toy or a prize pack more suited to the theme of the contest?

Have a suggestion for a contest theme? Check out this topic!

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Yonatan2412 hours ago

A Drill Press!

More RC toys,Cameras, and more mystery boxes

Fathomlis6 days ago

Wood Turning Machine! :)

A Lathe? The shipping would probably be really expensive if it's a weighted one...

caracoda14 days ago

This one would be great for a prize:


caracoda17 days ago

The Network Attached Storage (NAS) at least 12TB would be an awesome Grand Prize. Smaller capacity would be great for first, second, etc prizes.

Also, good photo lenses would be greatly appreciated I am sure about it. Good DSLR photo cameras will always be valued by almost anyone I think. Not just point-and-shoot cameras but professional ones or at least semi-pro. And not only for Photo Contests.

Leather working tools and machines (splitters, clickers, embossers, leather sewing machines) would be absolutely awesome prizes, there are good companies who make these. There is a lot of woodworking tools and machines for prizes but there is hardly any equipment for leather workers except those rare leathercraft contests.

All these would be so much appreciated and not just by me I am sure.

Thank you!

TVbuster18 days ago

Funko Pop! Figures should be a prize for contests. Many people that use the Instructibles website are very creative. Creative people can usually admire the beauty of art. The Figures that Funko make are very interesting to look at and are unique.

TVbuster18 days ago

3D printers should not only be givin out for 3D printing contests. They could be given out for toy making contests. The people entering the contests Allready have 3D printers. It would be allot better if others could have a chance to get one.

TVbuster18 days ago

all grand prizes for contests should include a special Robot aluminum cast sculpture.

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