Prize suggestions and feedback needed! What would YOU like to win?

Hi everyone!

Here at HQ we just finished scheduling contests for the remainder of the year, and it got me thinking - we need to find new and exciting prizes for next year. :D

I would love to hear any and all suggestions for products you guys would like to win!

I'd also love to hear feedback about prizes we've offered this year - what did you like? What didn't you like? Do you prefer getting a shiny new electronic toy or a prize pack more suited to the theme of the contest?

Have a suggestion for a contest theme? Check out this topic!

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dogoman7 hours ago

a nice camera would be a great prize for any contest. because any good instructable has to have great quality pictures!

d0vr24 days ago

A Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K? - Instructables themed on video recording Instructables, or video blogs!

d0vr d0vr24 days ago

Something interesting about the camera is that is has an expansion port which basically allows you to "hack" other features onto it; so something could be themed around that. Alternatively, the similar Micro Cinema Camera only films 1080p rather than 4K, but it is more suited for use with drones instead and has a similar port. This community loves drones at the moment! I know a prize with a few of these specimens would make some members *very* happy. xD

d0vr24 days ago

A PocketNC?

Not_Tasha25 days ago

GOPRO, Final Cut Pro

Not_Tasha1 month ago

button/badge maker!


and preset with the instructables robot!


Not_Tasha1 month ago

Espresso machines, espresso grinders (like Ranchilio etc). Coffee related stuff. Caffeine is good!

Attmos1 month ago

sand blaster, paint sprayer, welder; I know there is a spot welder out there now, just saying that I love the idea.

makendo1 month ago

hp sprout

Kiteman makendo1 month ago
makendo Kiteman1 month ago

Ha, so I did - can't remember seeing that one at all. Hard to keep up...

And congratulations! How do you like it?

Kiteman makendo1 month ago

I haven't actually got it running yet - it came with a US power cable, and turns out to be wider than my existing computer table...


reccomanded atmega module: atmega avr 2560

this one has the most options and is cheap

it can be combined with jumper cables, terminal-connectors,breadboards, ect

with this you can create all sort of fun things and is quite easy to programm with the right tool/avr-programmer

Saiyam1 month ago

(1) There should be something like- instructables robot medal or a certificate included in the prize pack. T-shirts and stickers are not things which can be kept for too long. Medals and certificates can be kept safe with you to be remembered that you won a contest sometime.

(2) There should be an option to select the color of the T-shirt you want. I mean not any color but a list of colors should be added so that a color can be picked.

oscilloscope!!best of all

that is already a prize in a lot of contests

a Fm radio or kindle e-book reader.

ThatGuy90805 months ago

Mugs with the Instructables mascot or logo on it would be cool, also a blue Instructables t-shirt would be cool (If you already have them out i just haven't seen them) I love all the prizes that you or sponsors have added!

We have tried mugs before, but unfortunately they don't seem to make it to their final destination in one piece. I also try to change up the shirt color every time I order more so people can get some variety. I just placed an order for some more shirts in a very nice summery blue which I hope people like!

Then how about stainless steel travel mugs?

Brooklyntonia4 months ago

Little Bits!

+1 I would love some of these!

heres a prize for the fandom contest

tickets to your favorite sports team!

Attmos3 months ago

I guess that the "tools" prize has maybe lost interest, but my tools are losing their edge.

There are a lot of things that would be cool to win but some of the coolest would be.

Photography equipment

Instructables hoodie


Kindle fire

Nice! An Instructables hoodie!

d0vr3 months ago

Some Brother sewing machines would be awesome! I particularly like the ones with beautiful LCD displays. :P

Attmos d0vr3 months ago


bertwert9 months ago

I would love to win photography equipment and maybe lenses that users get to choose which mount when they win.

bertwert bertwert3 months ago

I think the lenses might be a good idea for this contest:

6/29-7/20 - Photography Tips and Tricks Challenge

bertwert bertwert6 months ago

I would have trouble though...

I use Pentax and lens makers like Tamron make Canon, Nikon, Sony, but no Pentax mounts. Though Sigma makes lenses in Pentax mount.

me too!

A photography contest. How to take photos, display photos, or do projects using photos. Prizes are cameras, tripods, and lighting equipment to set up a mini personal photography studio.

jseay5 months ago

A tabletop studio light kit would make it so much easier to take good pictures documenting projects. Good lighting can make images from any camera look much, much better.

Please, please! A handheld battery operated light with a diffuser would be so useful for taking better photos!

Not_Tasha jseay5 months ago


+1 A good lightbox, a couple of high output lights and especially an inexpensive gray card for white balancing.

Not_Tasha4 months ago

Tim Holtz/Ranger Products

King Awesome4 months ago

Quad copters/drones are awesome! 3d printers are always great, so keep those coming.

Imetomi4 months ago

I think electronic components or kits would be great for any tech contest.

MissionSRX4 months ago

I know I mentioned mini-lathes and wood stuff before, but maybe a pen turning setup? Sets of clamps (you can never have enough).

or: headphones & tube amplifiers, mechanics tool sets, telescopes, computer gear/mechanical keyboards, solar chargers, ebook readers?

PinchOfChili5 months ago

Have you stopped giving away vitamixes? Please don't! Also, some laptops (e.g. macbooks) for the food contests would be awesome.

We will probably give out more, but we like to change things up regularly to keep things interesting!

Then how about food processors?

Good idea! I'll add it to the list!

Electrospark4 months ago

Oscilloscopes is something I'm sure lots of peoples would love to win.

Function generators could be nice.

Good professional auto-range fluke multimeter would sure be interesting.

Now that, is cool!

I would like to get some free downloads for the smaller prizes. Beam me some credits to download an Amazon.com digital book of my choice, or some .svg cut files from Silhouette.com. A five or ten dollar credit would go a long way on these sites.

honey1815 months ago

Bose dj mixers and headphones would be an awesome prize for DIY audio challenge! ;)

Igioteno5 months ago

a glitter phone for the glitter challenge. Comes with a glitter case!

Meir3D5 months ago

With the new 3D design contest coming up, and all the 3D printing in general, I think this book would make for a nice prize:


Not_Tasha5 months ago

Final Cut Pro would be an awesome prize. Macs/laptops, design software, Kitchen Aid Stand Mixers are always a hit.

GideonH5 months ago

I would like to win RC stuff that would be really cool and fun

AmritS5 months ago

I would like some great rc fpv quadcopters . That would make some good prizes

I would like to win an Instructables hoodie ! Please ...... Pretty please?

Besides that hoodie I guess we all need an Instructables pilots jacket or overall to sew all the patches included in the prize pack.

I've photoshopped myself in a pilot's jacket to see if it suits me? What do you think?

I was obviously aiming way too low thinking of a hoodie. An instructables flying jacket, matching hat and silk scarf would look great for driving my tractor.


An Instructables hoodie would be AWESOME!

Awesome idea!


Oh I like that idea!

MissionSRX5 months ago

Tools are great for the crafty contests but maybe something more than drill/driver sets; if you build something for the win, you probably already have several. Maybe oscillating tools, classy hand tools (planes/chisels/carver's set), mini lathe, sharpening sets, jigs or fixtures... sorry, now I'm just running down my wishlist.

Great ideas! Keep them coming when you think of new things!

YuesFoodStory6 months ago

I would love to see Vitamix show up again in the prizes!!!

graet idea

Brooklyntonia5 months ago

I love the Instructables card decks that up for grabs in the How to Play challenge!

They are awesome! We will be giving them out for more contests in the future, hopefully!

An "EMP" (electromagnetic pulse contest). A sun spot knocked out all your electronic crafting toys. Enter a contest with a totally tediously handmade entry to win solar powered devices, or new high tech crafting tools. No power tools, electric kitchen stoves, MixMasters, computerized routers, lasers,centrifugal
casting machines, flat lapidary machines, wet tile saws, Dremils, 3D printers, or anything driven by batteries, electricity, or computers are allowed to be used to make the entries.

That sounds like the Hand Tools Only Contest from this last summer. It allowed small electronic hand tools, but many of the entries and winners embraced the challenge to use only "muscle power."

I would love to win a mac :)

I prefer the quarter pounders...


I personally prefer Pizza.

Pizza is alright,

although I prefer hot dogs.

Did you ever tasted a real good pizza?

I mean, seriously, It's ridiculously good!

starforest6 months ago

I think it would be nice if there was more variety in the runner up prizes.

There are many simple things that you could put the Instuctables's logo on, socks, mugs, pencils, pens, notebooks, calenders, bags, etc, etc. Just think of the possibilitys!

Yes! Instructables coffee mug! ^_^

Raitis starforest6 months ago

Despite already having enough of various promotional stuff, I'd also love to see a bigger variety there. Maybe limit the patches to soft good contests and give notebooks or pens or other stuff according to the contest in question.

I get that there's a volume issue when ordering stuff like that, but you shouldn't have it with the amount of contests here.

Pens/pencils would be a smart promo material as people borrow them and never give back. One will get interested what the heck is that company doing if it looks at least a bit cool.

A batch of calendars for pre-new year contests wouldn't hurt too much either, I guess.

And well, if you folks are having a slow day at the Pier (does that happen?), why not silkscreen some stuff yourself. That could even substitute a non-runner up prize given the handmade fact.

We are trying to change things up a bit! The Datenight dinners runner up prize is a laser etched cutting board and we are planning some other exciting things in the future!

The date night dinners contest has Instructables cutting boards!

Not_Tasha6 months ago

Kitchen Aid stand mixers are always fantastic. Tim Holtz/Ranger products, Cricut, Apple products, GoPro, quality espresso machines, electronic components kits...

omg im 14 so i cant get a job to help with prizes but my dad (and me) love to design and engrave things he is also trying to start up a buisse ness

Ebener6 months ago

Maybe you should give away a gaming computer or something like that!

Raitis Ebener6 months ago

Those actually come up as prizes time to time.

A 3D printer would be probably be beyond your prize budget, but so awesome!

We have a big 3D printer contest coming up! I think you will be excited to see the prize ;)

They get sponsors to give away 3D printers all the time! Keep your eyes open for the next opportunity.

AlexKein9 months ago

Apple products

Instructables definitely need to giveaway more of those! Hahaha

lakshay garg6 months ago

A cash prize option would be great for international participants like in hackaday contest. Recently I won the tech little bits contest and the prize was worth 1500USD and I ended up paying a custom duty of around 500USD which kind of killed the excitement of winning the contest. And to me it was not a great bargain as I did not want a 1200USD little bits workshop, though ipad was acceptable.

I think cash prizes would be great!

PinchOfChili6 months ago

I thik there should be more gadget prizes. Please please giveaway some macbooks/good laptops, iPads, and cameras in the food contests. For food bloggers like me, those items are important parts of cooking! (Btw, I like the vitamixes you are giving away – I just hope to win one soon :)

Kiteman6 months ago

What about "upgraded raw materials"?

Say, for the Rings contest, many of the rings use base-metal wire. What about letting the winners go further by offering silver or gold wire in the prize?

lime3D8 months ago

I'm noticing several contests lately that have a single "Grand Prize" and 25 runner up T-Shirts.

I don't think that is the right way to go.

AwesomeM1 lime3D7 months ago

Well they get rewarded for what they've done and instructables gets free advertising and its a nice conversation piece.

JM1999 lime3D8 months ago

You are talking about a challenge there, the difference is exactly what you said, more runner-up prizes and 1 grand prize.

They will be running contests too so keep an eye out!

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