Prize suggestions and feedback needed! What would YOU like to win?

Hi everyone!

Here at HQ we just finished scheduling contests for the remainder of the year, and it got me thinking - we need to find new and exciting prizes for next year. :D

I would love to hear any and all suggestions for products you guys would like to win!

I'd also love to hear feedback about prizes we've offered this year - what did you like? What didn't you like? Do you prefer getting a shiny new electronic toy or a prize pack more suited to the theme of the contest?

Have a suggestion for a contest theme? Check out this topic!

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Makor2 days ago

I think you should give away a nice dewalt table saw or other brande and a canon 70d dslr camera too. Maybe some really nice power tool/bandsaw/sander/table saw/router table.

We have some great prizes coming up for the Wood contest! I think you will be happy :)

xGrape3 days ago

More 3d printers, and more small stuff, like new Instructables-swag, sugru packs, circuit scribe (should be easy to pull off with it being another Autodesk product), perhaps a subscription to MAKE magazine. And since contests are open to multiple countries, I personally wouldn't care much for gift cards, even if Amazon for instance do ship internationally.

I like the idea of the free subscription to MAKE magazine, as well as the other ideas.

How about having a Nerf contest soon? And the prizes can be Nerf Guns/Ammo/Equipment, of course.


For future contests there should be more go pros for prizes.

We just gave away 3 in the Hunter-Gatherer contest, but we will definitely keep them in mind for the future if people like them :)

Yes, yes, yes, I would love it if more were given out in the future ;)

Good to know! I'm always worried people already have those and are getting tired of things like that, haha.

well, thanks for responding.

Snowball108 days ago

Please do some macbook pros (thus far, I have only seen macbook airs). Thanks!

Our contest budget doesn't usually allow for macbook pros but we are working on it! :)

mikael bl8 days ago

loom bands for next or official rubber bands contest.

shazni1 month ago

Please give out cricut explorers again. I so want to try for it even though I was miserable when I didn't get it last time :-). I would like to try and try till I get it! ( hopefully without the depression moods!)

shazni shazni29 days ago

Oh a Silhouette Cameo would be better as you don't need internet to use it!

I love Silhouette, and we do have a papercraft contest coming up!

Raitis28 days ago

Some safety gear (faceshields, respirators and such) would be a great addition and make sure that your most committed users don't accidentally kill themselves during their next awesome project. Maybe a bit too dramatic outcome, but you get the idea.

Hom3rSimpson5 months ago

I would like to see some chrome books, and a Formlabs Form 1 printer.

OMG! You rock! I cannot believe I just wrote OMG on the interwebs. I shall have an entry for the Form 1+ ASAP.

A 10 h.p., four-stroke outboard boat motor.

shazni3 months ago

Hand tools prizes- KREG JIG, Mini drill, mini wood lathe, portable drill stand, pipe clamps, band clamps, heavy duty stapler, nail gun, plunge router, sanders, table vise.

Just a few suggestions ;-)

I think you will be happy about some of the upcoming prizes :)

I'm ecstatic! Over the moon excited and drooling away at the recent prizes :-). If you were next to me I would have hugged you to bits!

Thanks for the suggestions! Keep 'em coming :)

sursula6 months ago

i think it would be nice to add some more variety to the "smaller" prices, because if you have won a certain amount of contests the t-shirts and aprons are piling up (not that i'm complaining!), but if there would also be some other things like mabybe instructable mugs, or notebooks or little usb-drives or whatever, that would be really nice...

I definitely agree with sursula. That is a fantastic idea and it would be AWSEOME if we could win stuff like this:

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 4.59.45 PM.png
jessyratfink (author)  sursula6 months ago

It's true! It's definitely on our list. I'm hoping we'll have the extra budget sometime soon to do it. :)

We've been looking at tote bags and notebooks, as well as water bottles and other little containers. USB drives are a great idea too!

great! looking forwad to it!

Thederpyninja3 months ago

How about some nice cameras like the Canon t5i? Perhaps a camera bundle kit would be nice :D

My gosh I was looking through the contests and my mouth dropped when I saw that the Canon t5i is the prize for two contests. YAYY

100 dollar michales gift card, or an iPad!

ivver2 months ago

I would like to get a pallet of Kinder Bueno and big pack of Ferrero Rocher!

chatsbk0072 months ago

new laptop////or even old will suffice but in good condition.....

Triclaw3 months ago

do tickets to the transworld convention for the Halloween contest I have been there a few times and its awesome

Makor3 months ago

Definately canon t5i with 18-135mm lens kit bundle, also ipad or ipad mini.

vishalapr3 months ago

Google glass :D (Although it is quite expensive), Mobile phones?

There have been many tablets as prizes but not mobile phones, so that would be somehting different :).

lunch with Jesy

myrrhmaid3 months ago

I see you have some gift certificates for Amazon and Sephora. Maybe consider GC from other sponsors like Dharma Trading Co. and Home Depot?

Always love the electronic gifts and stuff that expands the creative horizon! Thanks!

Snowball103 months ago

iPad mini, macbook, canon mark ii or iii, vitamix, food processor, other cooking items

I think you guys should give out game systems

roboconchan3 months ago

A sewing machine:

I don't own one, so that would make a great prize for me.... if I win. :)

Family holiday

Alicat 1233 months ago

For the Knex contest,A Knex kit

I agree

Makerbot 3D Printer!

Triclaw3 months ago

a Sticker

Emberlily 5 months ago

For the Lego contest, a Lego MindStorm set.

I agree

ajose45 months ago

hi is there any upcoming contest with a 3d printer as the prize

Alicat 123 ajose43 months ago


Pure Carbon4 months ago

Google glass, when it comes out.

That would be epic... but a little out of reach and unreasonable

I agree

Trip to instuctables

M3G4 months ago

longboards/skateboards and longboard/skateboard parts and accessories!

mikael bl4 months ago

a rainbow loom kit

Zevion4 months ago

beside epilog laser machine, perhaps an 3d machine for any entry

Darthorso4 months ago

Mmm, what about a Steam Card in a technology-like contest?

The good thing would be that everyone in the world could receive the prize! :)

shazni4 months ago

Let me just say you have offered some super prizes. I suggested one prize 4 months ago...if you scroll right down you might see it :-). Its a KREG JIG! ITS REALY USEFUL. It would help so much for builds. Even mini kreg jigs would be useful for runner up prizes.

However the other sugestions I've made of of sanders and mini drills and clamps have been provided. So thanks loads :^)

pucksurfer4 months ago

Sugru. I know many of the contests already have the prize of sugru but it would be cool if some of the lower prizes had sugru or just have more prizes w/ sugru

chokapi4 months ago

I suppose that's the problem with some of the great prizes -- people often won by building something them with the great things they already had. That said, having a choice among prizes might do.

I'm a backpacker, and really, really lightweight gear would be great, like siliconized nylon or cuben fiber tents, tarps and backpacks; titanium stakes; pack rafts; down-filled apparel.

I agree, for example you can win an arduino by making something with an arduino?? It dosent make much sense. I like the idea of winner choosing prizes to.

I like the idea of choosing the prize, where the grand prize winner gets first dibs on whatever they want from a large selection of prizes then the first prize winner chooses then so on and so forth.

Attmos4 months ago

Been thinking about nerf guns (not the water guns) as a prize. Modding is kind of an addiction. Maybe even a modding contest.

rickyeatough4 months ago

I think its great how instructables give out a range of prizes, and I like it when you have the option to pick your prize ie 'Either an xbox one or a ps4'.

I say that there should be more 3d printers as prizes, and laser cutters/cnc routers; Instead of having 1 grand prize as a 2000$ 3d printer, maybe about 10 200$ printers instead - more people can have a go with 3d printers, producing more amazing instructables!

shazni5 months ago

Instructables gives out amazing gifts! And I'm enjoying everyone of them! However there is one major problem when it comes to gifts with power cords.

While US and Canada use 110v power the rest of the world uses 220v. So using most of these gifts would be impossible unless they winners manage to find a step down.

Would it be possible to give the winners the option of choosing 220v when it comes to power corded gifts such as sewing machines and power tools? Is it possible to get the gifts in that voltage??

Also another suggestion for gifts is gifting gift vouchers from only as shipping would probably eat into the prize money, how about making it possible for the winners to be able to ship the prize to instructables and later the prizes being shipped to the winners. After all most of the prizes are ordered from amazon by instructables isn't it? so it's the same except that the winner get to choose their gifts :-)

These are just ideas and suggestions of course :-)

Kiteman shazni5 months ago

Mains-powered items are usually shipped in the right format for the local power supply, or need only a simple adaptor.

I believe there are legal issues with vouchers as prizes (?).

makendo5 months ago

I think I made this suggestion a while ago, but thought I would reiterate it. I recently won a prize in the woodworking contest, which
was great. Thanks! As is normally the case, the prizes are woodworking things,
which of course I always welcome... but as it turns out, I may end up giving
most of it away because I already own an electric hand planer, chisels, saws (though
I have never owned a wood-burning kit, so that will be interesting, and I will
of course use the glue).

I think more than anything I would like to have some
choice, just to avoid duplication. Even if this was behind the scenes so we
could trade for more generic prizes, perhaps of a slightly lower value, that
would be great. Up front would be better, though, and I think that in past instances where you've offered prizes that are "choose between A, B and C"
it's made the contest much more attractive because it's 3x likelier you're
offering a prize that someone is coveting.

I had a thought about the contest rules, one rule in particular which I guess is to encourage more new content. You can "only enter new instructables into comps" which sounds fair enough, but at the moment I have a instructable that's all ready to go but I haven't hit publish, because, It took me a year to write, I spent a huge amount of time and effort on it, and there is no comps on at the moment that fit the subject mater, or that I want to enter it in. I know kiteman said something about having a stock pile of unpublished instructables also for the same reason.

Has anyone thought that if you drop that rule, and enforce the rule you that you can "only enter 3 comps with one instructable" you could get more entries into comps for your sponsors and encourage people to publish, because sooner or later there will be something I can enter.

Just a thought...

Sparticles5 months ago

Just like Instructables, I like to lurk around Hackaday and wow, look what prize they are giving away!

(For the rest, I find Instructables contests and their prizes perfect.)

hunter9997 months ago

K'nex! XD umm it really depends on the Contest. If it was a contest for the 'play' catogory, I'd love to win some Nerf guns or darts :-)

jessyratfink (author)  hunter9996 months ago

I'll see if we can work NERF in somewhere! I was going to put it in the Launch It! contest that's coming soon, but Estes Rockets is giving us awesome prizes instead. :D

Cool! That sounds great. Thank you so much for taking my idea into consideration. It is appreciated Jessy! :-)

jmwells6 months ago

how about an all expenses trip to the National Tool Show in Chicago? I understand its huge.

jessyratfink (author)  jmwells6 months ago

I don't think we'll be able to give away travel anytime soon! I wish we could, but the ensuing legal mess makes it nearly impossible.

It would definitely need to be a large contest with a sponsor giving us loads of money for us to do it, and even then we might not be able to negotiate that as a prize!

Most of the suggestions seemed a bit lame. I just thought why not put out there the acme of prizes. Most maker/tinkers say," there is no such thing as too many tools". I wasn't really expecting it, just a little outta the box thinking. I'll be at the Faire anyway.
Kiteman jmwells6 months ago

Or to your nearest large Maker Faire, since entrants would be international.

jmwells Kiteman6 months ago
Ha ha. Gotta have faith. Keep up the great work. Wish I had the opertunity work there. Things just seem to conspire against that.
jmwells Kiteman6 months ago
Yeah but in near the Bay Area. And intend on attending again this year.
Kiteman jmwells6 months ago

LOL, you're that certain of winning?

SnazzyBot7 months ago

I'd love to win a Preval sprayer! It would be really nice if they'd sponsor a contest, because I just recently found out about the product through Preval's instructables, and I think a lot of makers need to know about it. Having sprayers as a contest prize would bring them to a lot of people's attention.

jessyratfink (author)  SnazzyBot6 months ago

Whoooooa, that is awesome! I'm putting them on my list :D

Thank you!

Brennn107 months ago

A Slayer Espresso Machine :/

jessyratfink (author)  Brennn106 months ago


That thing is a beast. That would eat up almost six months of contest budget, hahah!

An espresso machine would be a great prize if we end up doing the coffee themed contest like you suggested, though. :D

ASCAS6 months ago

Replace tablets with smartphones :)

jessyratfink (author)  ASCAS6 months ago

If we ever get a crazy good budget, we'll look into this! With what we've got now, though, a smartphone would eat the budget for a whole contest and more. ;)

Package of 10 packs of estes D engine rockets!

jessyratfink (author)  waterrocketexpert6 months ago

We're partnering with Estes for the upcoming Launch It! Contest, actually - so keep an eye out!

Deeg6 months ago

Just popping in to say I think the oscilloscope prizes in the Sensors Contest is a neat idea.

M3G6 months ago

Amazon or Home Depot gift certificates!

Kiteman6 months ago

How about LED cube kits of various sizes, depending on the level of the prize?

Oh, that also gives me an idea for a contest theme!

gsyme136 months ago

One of those 20x20 rubix cubes

Michael C6 months ago

I would love to see something from Saw Stop. They are changing the way carpenters look at wood working, one finger at a time.

Pure Carbon6 months ago

3d printers.

You can already win those! Have a look:

Bear Grylls Stuff for the Outdoor Survival contest

shazni7 months ago

air brush compressor and air brush, pipe clamps, mini drill press, dremel, jewelry soldering torch, wood lathe ;-) to name a few

Mini drill press, they heard. Its there in jewelry contest.

+1 for wood lathe (especially the compact one)

60 liter scuba tank with regulator

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