Pro Accounts

Right, Can I just say that why should Eric have to reach into his own pocket if the site is getting too costly to run.

You either get a pro account or you don't.

What would you rather have, a slightly limited instuctables account or no instructables whatsoever.

So please just stop bitching about pro accounts, protesting or whatever. Just try to remember that this all is a trial and it could all not go to plan.

I myself will be buying an pro account depending on what it is like and what happens after the three months is up.

Rant over, Peace out!

P.S. Here's a picture of some cake I made to say sorry if this topic my upset you, ONE SLICE EACH ONLY =D

Picture of Pro Accounts
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Redneck28 years ago
Can't they just make money by advertising more products?
Joe Martin (author)  Redneck28 years ago
No, Eric has explained before that mores ads alone would not be enough to cover the costs of running the site.

I also going to delete your above comment as i goes against this whole topic, Without pro this site might not be here so shut up and be thankful that your even using it =D
Since you aren't an admin, you don't have the ability to delete comments beyond those on your orangeboard. You may flag them, but the removal is at the discretion of the admins.
Joe Martin (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
I'm aware of that now, I always thought for could in your own topics, oh well. LR & Redneck, I apologise for that comment as it does seem VERY nasty and brash the way I put it, I really did not mean it to come over that way at all and I'm very sorry that it did. As you can tell I'm not one with words and what I think comes out straight onto the keyboard, The same happens in real life with talking too and it sometimes does not end well. Sometimes I need to learn to shut my big fat mouth. :(
Hey not a big deal, thanks for the apology. :)
At least make an effort to pay attention to the be nice policy, and don't be so bloody condescending.
Joe Martin (author)  killerjackalope8 years ago
Sorry I sometimes come over that way, but I don't mean it.
Eh, no worries, I do it too, though do pay attention about the be nice policy, meant the whole shut up and such thing... If you're condescending people won't listen, however just a little bit of cockiness is always welcome. : )
Joe Martin (author)  killerjackalope8 years ago
Read my long comment above, I really am sorry. I feel quite embarrassed about it now.
Chill, I was kind of hoping noone else would call you on it because someone already had... it's settled now anyway, I'd ignore anymore berating about it...
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