Pro Author Bios

You can now display an author bio at the top of your Instructables. Check mine, or look at the image for an example. Who will be the first to discover where we've hidden it?

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RadBear8 years ago
ANyone else having trouble getting this to work? I types in a short bio and when I check the box and hit submit I just get "error on page".
lemonie8 years ago
Tip: You get cut off on the "...." Fill after what you want to show with a double tilde SPACEs double tilde ~ it will shunt the next bit of text off the Bio. You'll see how it works on me (invisible isn't it?) L
Kiteman8 years ago
Found it! > You > Settings > Customise
Kiteman, I could kiss you!
Gross! Kiteman doesn't want cooties.
Gjdj3 Kiteman8 years ago
Thank you!
Kiteman Gjdj38 years ago
You're welcome.
I'm happy you guys added this one! Now I need to figure out what to say...
Ah, so this is what you were doing last night. Looks like I was right in expecting a new feature. Cool!
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