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There currently seems to be a lot of threads suggesting ideas and discussing how they could or couldn't work. I thought I'd compile a list of all of these with links to their discussions so pro users could see what has already been suggested and yell out their support for ideas they like. Later when we've heard back from the ibles team perhaps the following list could be sorted into categories of how likely it is these changes will be made.

In no particular order:

1) User Online Status by Kiteman - allow pro users to see who's currently online
2) Auto Currency Convertor by Jayefuu - automatically convert currencies after users have set their currency of choice
3) Time Zones by Jayefuu - allow users to set their time zones in their profiles so ibles, forum topics and answers use times that actually mean something to them.
4) PM Subscribers - by Kiteman - allows Pro users to notify their subscribers when they publish a new ible.
5) Favourited by - by mikeasaurus - Pro members can see who's added their instructable to their favourites list.

Please post links to topics I've missed and I'll add them to the list above. I'm sure Eric and the team have their own list of suggestions we've made, but it'd be nice for us to keep track of what's what.

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belliedroot7 years ago
I would like to have a better way to organize my favorite list to keep simular things like 'LED' instructables or 'arduino' instructables, etc grouped together instead of one big long list.
mikeasaurus7 years ago
some other features I think would be awesome:
  • See who has featured an instructable (currently only viewable to the author)
  • Visible 'vote count' for instructables entered into contests (Author only)
I think they keep 1 secret on purpose, and two is already implemented. :)
Jayefuu (author)  Lithium Rain7 years ago
You can see how many votes an ible has by voting for it, then it displays the total votes for it. Then unvote if you were just curious.

And I agree... some FT members don't want to be known as FT, as you might get hassled if people know you are capable of putting their ible on the front page :D
Or view the ible on the member's page, or the contest page.
vote count:
a 'vote count' viewable on your 'member' page is not the same as viewable from your 'you' page, also there was no vote counter last I checked on the contest page either. Again you can sort by vote, but it doesn't show a count.

However upon further thought I'm not so sure it's such a good idea anymore. I had originally thought to mention it because I wanted to see the data/ Now I think that by showing it you'd encourage a nasty habit of people voting for the first instructable they see, instead of reading them first (further reading:here and here)

not sure harassment is a reason not to disclose your role in this community, no more than these people. Shouldn't that come with the territory? FT members should be accountable for what they promote, If someone asks why a project is not featured (a question asked many times here before) you could link to any of these, or answer in person to what makes it worthy in your eyes. Either answer you're enhancing the content on this site, isn't that what it's all about?

=SMART=8 years ago
lol if its in no particular order why did you number them? but yea all links should lead to my profile..
mikeasaurus8 years ago
Here's another suggestion to consider:
When you browse the forums you are presented with the 'category' list, from here you can see who the last post was from, and a hyperlink to follow directly to it (shown on left side of screen cap.).
However, when you select your category and look at the 'topics' it shows who made the last post not no hyperlink to follow (shown on right side of screen cap.)

If anything the option to follow the 'last post' should be given once inside the category selected when choose which thread to follow. The reasons this would be an area of interest to solve is due to the amount of possible topics inside any given category, and the 'last post' on just the category doesn't show what topic it was posted on.
screen cap topic 1.JPG
mikeasaurus8 years ago
from another thread, I was asked to repost my comment here:

"it would also be awesome to see a list of who has selected your instructable(s) as a 'favorite'."
* bump
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