Pro Instructables Ratings

I was going through my bookmarks today, and clicked this one (no longer works):
However, it did lead me to this:
So I collected the same data I've done previously, here's how Pro & non-Pro compare:

Instructables by Pro users are generally higher-rated than those by non-Pro users, and few have bad-ratings.
There are reasons for this.
> Instructables staff are Pro users, they set high standards.
> People who pay and post tend to be more serious about what they publish.
> Staff and paid users tend to have been here longer and posted more content in line with the above.
> Younger users with less experience, fewer tools & less money find it harder to pay for Pro membership.

What you may read from these statistics (if you wish) is that as a Pro member, 3.1-3.6 is an average rating.

(Chart shows % Instructables in each rating band, for rated Pro ~3100, rated non-Pro ~28000)
Notice how the lines have similar shapes, just skewed in opposite directions.
The main reason I thought this might be of interest is the lumpiness of the distribution shows better like this - I'm still seeing waves / ripples...

Picture of Pro Instructables Ratings
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mikeasaurus7 years ago

Though there is a formula to produce an instructable rating, I wouldn't look too deeply into the ratings as they can augmented by someone who doesn't like the person and gives the project a bad rating. Bear in mind the inverse of this is true as well. (...and could also hold true for certain cliques or themes of projects as well)


(...and could also hold true for certain cliques or themes of projects as well)
After seeing the interesting end of year stats for the Knex users (something like half the "Most Commented" were K'nex but none of the "Higest rated" were) it made me curious about some of these subcultures.  

To support you data it looks like 15 of the top 50 highest rated were by Pro members.

(Thought the single person who appears most on that list seems to have a small but dedicated fanbase.  Or something.)

I'm not sure what I'm saying, but every single one of a certain users's 'Ibles has 4.0+ rating it gets my attention.  When you have 29 5 star ratings for an Instructable with less than 1000 views something unusual continues to  happen.

Some of my lower viewed instructables have significantly higher ratings, due to the nature of the content... Though highest rated of mine makes no sense at first glance but I think the subject of the 'ible is a big factor, younger audiences appreciate or dislike instructables one smaller points and tend to rate much higher or lower. They don't always look at an 'ible on the whole though this isn't true of many of the young veterans... 
lemonie (author)  Grathio7 years ago
Some of this is down to what you do and do not post. If one has an eye for "popular" they can restrict themselves to popular, be careful and score highly.

What you do have in these charts are people who might have been Pro members or stayed "not", but have long since gone.


Oh man, my life is not improved by knowing this. Although I suspected that cliques existed....
Ha ha. That last sentence was very diplomatically phrased.
lemonie (author)  mikeasaurus7 years ago
Oh yes, certainly true.

BrittLiv7 years ago
"Younger users with less experience, fewer tools & less money find it harder to pay for Pro membership."

actually those are my favorite Instructables, I love it if someone has a brilliant idea and can realize it without needing much....
lemonie (author)  BrittLiv7 years ago
The phrase is offered as an explanation as to the difference. I too like where someone has shown initiative and done something great, but not very "pretty".

Yes, I agree.  I am thinking about starting a series of ibles that start with the simplest ideas and move to the complex, using only household items (including, building a radio, resistors, capacitors, diodes, etc.  from scratch).
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