Pro Members! (Your opinion is needed)

Soooo, its been a few days since Pro Accounts have been implemented, and I've been wondering, whats your first impression of it? Are the features worth it? (I'll post again once the week is up, and ask again)

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Keith-Kid8 years ago
I dont care bout the features, but I owe a lot to this site so I'm signing up. I had to do chores to get the money. CHORES! You better enjoy those $24, instructables!!!
bumpus (author)  Keith-Kid8 years ago
You're also not a Pro User yet.. :P
I had to work to get the money. Blah, I just need to make a check, but theres been some family trouble here...I barely get to be in the house as it is, let alone go to a post office......

When Im a pro, I am SO rubbing it in your face.
Greater love hath no Kid than this, that he lay down his willingness to do chores and to cope with quarrelsome check-writers for his 'Ibles. Good for you, Kid. :)
Hey it wasn't that bad!
In his case, the check is really in the mail.
coming and going LOL
I had to do chores and got no money.
if it makes you feel better, I have to start all over again, my comp was acting a lil fuzzy, and had to buy new speakaz.....
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