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I recently attempted a purchase of a Pro membership. I never received an email confirmation, and the person I gifted it to did not receive an email confirmation either. Because of this, I attempted the transaction again and was billed a second time, still without an email confirmation.

I have emailed and the other support emails and have not received a response in over a week. I would appreciate any assistance.

Has anyone else dealt with this? This seems rather unprofessional and shady.

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mikeasaurus4 years ago
Please send all billing questions to and remember to include your username
portushop4 years ago
I want pay with paypal but it`s not possible, why?
regards Peter
PayPal is one of the supported methods of payment, check the page here:

Or click the Go Pro button at the bottom of any page.
May be you should check the system self! Not one of this solution is possible!
Its not depend on a special Browser.
Why I must fill a form for card payment if I want to pay by paypal?
Crazy! Such a good site but bad service and IT!
There's a PayPal option to the right of the credit card entry. If you're not seeing it there you may have a script-blocking add0on (like AdBlock or GreaseMonkey) running which can prevent the page from loading correctly.
melvinivy4 years ago
I have a Pro Membership that is good until March 13, 2014. I however can not access the Pro features on Instructables. Please let me know what I should do to access the features.
You don't have a "Pro" tag next to your username. Go to "" then click "Pro Membership". What does it say about your membership details?
cstiffler4 years ago
I sent an email to support (under membership), for an explanation of the pro membership billing options which make no sense. Waiting fo a reply so I can make my purchase. Has anyone noticed that it costs 1.95/month billed annually ($23.88 up front for 1 year), $3.99/month billed quarterly ($11.97/quarter = $47.88/year?), or the "best value" of $39.99 for 2 years = $19.995/year seems really off? Assuming a typo and it's 3.99/QUARTER, that's still $15.96/year making it the true best value.
ShadyLogic5 years ago
Hi Whistlin600rr,
I've just responded to your email, you should find it in your inbox.
Our staff has just returned from a holiday break - I'll forward this on to the right people and we'll get it taken care of!