Pro Membership Giveaway (CLOSED)

Hey Instructables! Over the past few years I've grown to love this website. The community and content are so different from anywhere else on the web, and the awesome projects keep inspiring me to go make something. Now I want to give something back! I have twelve 3 month pro memberships to give away. If you want one, just leave a comment telling me what you like most about instructables and I'll send you a PM with the code.

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M3G (author) 2 years ago

I'm all out of memberships, sorry!

Venemot2 years ago

My tools are my life. I have loved tinkering with just about anything I could lay my hands on since i was a wee child. I would see a machine and I would start theorizing its working principle instead of using it and doing what its meant to do. Instructable helped me find other curious souls like me. Its amazing, how in such a world, people still find time to do what they love.
I dont know If I will get a pro membership or not, but I love this place. I dont have the means of paying online as I am young and dont have an account or something. Though I dont mind it at all. I have been a member of this family for quite sometime. And I have felt the love, without even talking about it.

M3G (author)  Venemot2 years ago
I couldn't have said it better myself. I think Kiteman already sent you a code, but what's the harm in having two? Check your inbox and enjoy!
Kiteman Venemot2 years ago

This giveaway is closed, but check your inbox...

I like that there is no recommended way to do things. Everybody's Instructables are made in a different style, and there is no "right" way to do things. So, there's no pressure while sharing your projects.

M3G (author)  Fission_Chips2 years ago
Enjoy your pro membership!
TauseefK2 years ago

easy sign up with my facebook , google n more. .ITz AWESOME !

M3G (author)  TauseefK2 years ago
Enjoy your pro membership!
RussPitcher2 years ago

I'm just starting with Instructables and my first one is almost ready to publish :). I love the way that I'm able to contribute and repay some of the help given freely by others in a clear and professional way.

M3G (author)  RussPitcher2 years ago
I look forward to seeing it! Enjoy your pro membership.
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