Pro Testimonials?

Ok, I got to thinking, the pro accounts seem to be moving along nicely, it would seem plenty of people are taking the plunge, with a tiny percentage of out raged users. On the 'sway over to pro' page where it lists prices, I suggest adding a series of testimonials, e.g. If someone was looking through one of my punk weapons, and hit the 'pro wall of denial' only to see my Testimonial, they might then think 'hey, maybe i should try it for a month'. Same principle, someone whom uses the forums alot, might enjoy a little testimonial from Kiteman, or Nachomahma. Not that we should play off are 'famousness' but if we get a wide range of testimonials, it might easily appeal to a wide range of people. - gmj

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ahmed_eng7 years ago

I am a Computer Science student and I will help this site after I graduate...

i think there should be a free week-long trial and if they like it,they will go pro(obviosly tthere would be some sort of opperation so they could not do it more than once.)
I'm running out of patches and would love to send more to encourage others. I would buy more in groups of 10 or 5......?
or just ask for more? 
Yah ;0) that too :0) BTW How ya doin'?
Not too badly.   We finally found the right pain killer combo,  now I am just waiting on the Doctor appointment to give me the go on either therapy or an operation.  A MONTH I had to wait for this's crazy.
<h4><small><tt>Wow! that's the pits Goodhart!:0( I waited 8 months for an MRI only to find out I had a cyst in my brain. Then another year for a follow up and 5 months later to get into the neurologist.'s office. "Yes, you have an aracnoid cyst he says-you were born with it , you will die with it." And th...was that! Conclusion? Get a brilliant Instructables member to fix you up and you won't have to wait so long (sigh) {{{}}}</tt></small></h4>
We finally got therapy for the problem and I am back up and running (well, walking anyways) again :-) 
wonderful! Goodhart
=SMART=8 years ago
I still think this is a great idea...
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