Knex Walker Contest

Greetings fellow knex builders! Its time to announce this months contest!!!!!!

This months contest is to build the largest walker out of knex possible!

The prizes are 5* on all your instructables, a sub, and a patch or 2!
So what are you wating for? Start building your walker today!

Judges are kNeXFreek and I.

Rules, the walker must have a video, accurate measurement, proof of measurement, pictures, support its own weight, walk by it self, and not slip or jam.


Picture of Knex Walker Contest
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floris2burn7 years ago
A little update:

There were a lot of people that wanted to see how I made the big-gear axle and some close-ups from all the mechanisms.

I made a small instructable about it:
floris2burn7 years ago
I wonder when the winner will be announced...
 yah, well I can already tell you that you won.
Saw the challenge, and Justin jumped on board! Built and programmed this awesome K'NEX walker! Enjoy.




Another video:

Thought to share. -R
sprout_less7 years ago
 I'm in, can I just make an ible for it or do I need a video.
 yes please, a vid!!
 On which walker I entered 2 look below
smattman22 (author)  sprout_less7 years ago
I'd prefer a video but if you can't I understand.
 ok, thanks. I have a video of it walking but not of anything else.
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