Pro Membership

I just noticed that my pro membership is not showing. I have always had my pro membership roll over when I have gift vouchers. I have plenty and it seems it did not roll over. There is also a message that someone placed on my page that my pro membership is not showing. Thanks in advance for your help and all your hard work! 

o-z24 days ago

hello friend i am new usear the instructable you are help me how can use the this id plz help me

sunshiine (author)  o-z23 days ago

Are you asking how to use a pro membership coupon?


Okay, not sure why it was not cooperating, but I have put you back to pro.

I just used one of my codes to go pro again, but had to do it manually. Is the roll over function discontinued?

The roll over function works, but you have to redeem the codes and queue them up in order for it to roll over to them, it won't just roll over to the codes you have earned.

sunshiine (author)  Penolopy Bulnick7 months ago
Thanks Penolopy, Hope your day is full of rainbows!