Pro membership give-away, 3 months

Because my Halloween-costume was featured I had a Pro membership to give-away, 3 months.
Take note that doing something good can reap rewards.

I gave this away because I can afford to pay, nominations (or begging) were few, but I gave it to Molo because he's done some good stuff.


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U know you want to give it to me lemonie. If you do I'll make an instructable for 5 programming languages, including process - the language of the arduino.

And ill make an instructables themed pong game.

Do you /really/ think you can pass that up? :D
lemonie (author)  octopuscabbage7 years ago

That's the best so far, get making Pong regardless.

Alright, as soon as i get pygame working on windows. It currently only works for me on linux .-.
Emsaid7 years ago
what do we have to do?
lemonie (author)  Emsaid7 years ago

"nominations (or begging) please." means suggest someone who is deserving, or justify yourself, or amuse me or Caitlin's.

Goodhart7 years ago
I haven't been around enough lately to know whom to nominate....
caitlinsdad7 years ago
Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore!", whatever that means.

I shall addeth to the pot a gift 3-month PRO membership too.  But I shall passeth such gift it to the one that by the grace of Lemonie, will judge with the most offbeat request.  I believe that quirkyness should be rewarded and not shunned.  Dare to be bold! (stories will not be checked for accuracy or feasiblity at the sub-atomic level)

I think you draw a different better crowd and so my contribution. Don't forget to subscribe!