Pro membership help

Just a quick thing here.

My knex binder got featured on the front page, and i got a 3 month pro membership for it. I have already redeemed, but i dont know if it has worked.

My membership ending date has not changed, and i have not gained any more patches to give away. Is this right?

Thanks for any help =)

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Vynash7 years ago
All I can say is that you don't have the Pro tag so :'(
Hiyadudez (author)  Vynash7 years ago
Yes i do.
Ohhh I was looking at the wrong spot, sorry.
zascecs Vynash7 years ago
wrong spot?
Vynash zascecs7 years ago
I was looking on his avatar XD
zascecs Vynash7 years ago
oh... ok then
mikeasaurus7 years ago
on the you page there's a section near the bottom called pro features, which will say when you went pro.

Next, it should say something like "You have an additional 3 months of Pro membership time which will start on..."

BrittLiv7 years ago
Hi, I've used my gift code as well, I didn't get any patches either and the end date didn't change, but behind it, it says "You have an additional 6 months of Pro membership time which will start on Sep 3, 2010. If you like, you can extend your membership now. " (It's six month because I extended it twice)

Hope this helps..
Hiyadudez (author) 7 years ago