Pro memberships not expiring with no way to renew

My Pro memberships expired and there is no way to renew.

This is what the Pro memberships page shows:
Thanks for going Pro and supporting Instructables!
Membership Details
Length 2 Year Pro Membership  ($39.95)
Started on Jun 22, 2010
Ends on Jun 21, 2012
Auto-renewal Turned Off

glazzEye3 years ago

I have this same problem. How do I renew??

Just sign up for a new subscription when your existing one expires, just go here:

If you cannot turn autorenewal on, drop an email to and ask them to fix it.

Or post a Featurable instructable, and just cash in the pro-code you get as a reward.

mikeasaurus3 years ago

When a Pro Membership expires you can just get a new one here:

Looking at your account I can see you are Pro now:

Started onNov 29, 2012
Ends onNov 29, 2014