Pro vs. premium membership?

I just learned that Instructables are giving classes. It's free for premium. I know I'm pro. But am I premium member? Are they two different things or the same?
Also the class is $29.95, usually consists of a series of lessons, is $29.95 for one of a series of lessons or for all of them?
Thanks if anybody can help me.

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I want to pay for a premium membership. Where is the link? Does anybody know? I have been searching and searching. I have been a member since 2008


It appears your account is already on pro/premium status! :)

It also looks like you've got at least one unredeemed pro code that you can apply to add more time to your upgraded account status. Take a look at your user page under the "Premium Membership" tab. You'll see any unredeemed pro codes you have, as well as a link to where you redeem them.

Sam (seamster)

That is wonderful news! Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly :) I wonder what I am doing wrong, because when I click "see all steps together", I get a message that says I can't because I do not have premium status :( ?? Thanks again for all your help!

Hi Lyn,

I sent you a private message with a little more info. We'll take a look and try to sort out what might be giving you trouble. :)


Help. I signed up for the paid membership last night so I could download the instructables. I choose to do the monthly fee, but they took a years worth instead. I have spent a long time looking for a number and all the addresses they give to email questions and NONE of them work. This is the only thing I could find for any communication. Can someone help me with what to do? Thanks.

Hi Christina,

Please send an email to from the email you signed up with, and simply request a refund. We'll get you taken care of right away! :)

Sam (seamster)

Community Manager

Is Premium the new name for Pro? If I have a Pro account does that mean in reality I have a Premium account now? Wanting to get an official response.

They are exactly one and the same.

The word "Premium" started being introduced across the site when the classes were released as it seemed to make more sense . . . and at some point all usages of the term "Pro" will hopefully be replaced with "Premium."

But they both reflect the same thing - an upgraded account status that allows you to use the site ad-free, and gives you access to the new classes.

(It is a little confusing, admittedly.) ;)

- Sam

thank you for the official clarifcation

premium is the new name for PRO

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