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It does work. You emailed the wrong address, which they had to forward to service. You should have a response now.
KimberlyP5 years ago
I used to be a Pro Member it expired in February and I just re-upped and it still is showing me as not a pro member. What is up.

I got confirmation and the funds are gone.
The odds are against receiving a timely response by posting here on the forums or by pming staff directly. I would recommend emailing
It seems even emailing is not a method for getting a timely resolution.
I emailed there as well. Now just waiting.
Called the phone number too, and it said to email.

So it is just sit and wait for the pot of water to boil.
When you look under the "Pro Membership" tab on your profile page, do you see a "start date" and "end date" for your recent purchase? Perhaps you just missed the step of activating your purchase?
No it just says I see you are not a pro -member.

I guess I should have never allowed a lapse.
If you don't see any means of activating your Pro purchase, then you'll have to wait for staff to look into it and get back to you. I can tell you from my own experience with emailing the service address, that they are extremely helpful and prompt about returning emails, so just give them a day or two to reply.
hehehe...I like that. They're very prompt, but give them a day or two to reply.

I'm glad we don't have to deal with emergencies. ^__^
lol... I guess I should read what I type before I post my comments huh?
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