Problem with KI?

When I tried to access KI today, (, I noticed 3 problems. Firstly, for the first 10 minutes, I got error 404 and mediawiki errors every time. Then, the layout had changed to the "VBulletin" style on silver stuff and everything was different. Thirdly, I couldn't log in. Does anyone know what's going on?

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DJ Radio8 years ago
I tried it.  It says "A team of highly trained monkeys are upgrading KI" or something like that.
We fired the monkeys afterward because of excessive downtime. It won't happen again.
 That would be because we have a team of highly trained monkeys working on upgrading KI.
Yim's brain is full of monkeys
I concur.
You think I don't already know that?
I was merely explaining what was happening. Be nice, it's Christmas. Except that you mock the Ten Commandments, leading me to believe you are not Christian, leading me to believe that you cannot celebrate Christmas.

Be nice, it's the winter solstice.
It's not mocking the 10 commandments, its a PARODY.  There's a difference. 
I could put the definitions of parody and mock, but that'd waste space; much better just to point out that parody and mock are synonyms.

Either way it's irrelevant. The point is that I take offense to a poorly, vainly written imitation of my religion's holy law. 'Parody' the Qur'an and see how many people you anger.

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