Problems with PDF downloads after Pro Member Suscription

I´m having some problems to download PDF format tutorials after making my One-year Pro Member Suscription. When I pick the PDF button to download the tutorial, it continues appearing the same message than before:

Pro Member Benefit!
To download or print this PDF, support DIY & Instructables by becoming a Pro member today!

Could you help me, please?

Thank you!

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Kryptonite7 years ago
If you put this in "bugs" it should be found by the right people; faster.
AIMERDEE7 years ago
Hey, I've got the same problem here. I joined in order to get the PDF file download function because I find it much easier to read on paper than a computer screen. It seems I'm getting logged out of the site each time I try to download a PDF. The "view all steps on one page" works as an option, so my "Pro" membership is active, just seems that the issue is with PDF downloads. Any ideas at all, because it seems that I'm not the only one with this issue Cheers
ShanniTe7 years ago
I just joined today, mainly because I wanted to download the PDF files, but I keep getting "... file cannot be repaired..." message. What's going on??? By looking at the messages here, it seems that this has been a problem for quite a few, but then on April 15th there's one telling that it HAS been fixed -- but I'm still getting the same message!! Help!!
rnk7 years ago
i have been a pro member for some time now but lately I have been unable to download PDF documents. My membership does not expire until 2011 so that's not the problem. Please fix this problem.
ryanr47 rnk7 years ago
This is an obvious issue. I paid for this PRO MEMBERSHIP but every time I try to download a pdf, it always says I'm not a member....What gives?
MBVDBP7 years ago
when I try to download a pdf I get a message saying there is a problem with the file and it will not finish downloading.   HELP
cowanbm7 years ago
Hmm!  I paid for the "PRO" membership, but have not been able to download PDF files. Is anybody working on fixing this problem?
 We have found the problem. The fixed will be released shortly. Sorry about that.
I am able to download PDFs files OK now.
ironfoot7 years ago
I just signed up for a Pro-Membership too and cannot download any PDF. For me also the PDF download is the primary reason I signed up.
Please fix this problem or tell me what I'm doing wrong....
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