Problems with PDF

I'm having problems downloading PDF's. When I click PDF in the second link, the page opens on a new tab reloading the second link's page effectively looping. Since I have just 'upgraded' to Adobe ver 9.1I had wanted to know if this is a temporary site problem or just me.

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tschuld3 years ago

clicking the PDF link


just reloads the page

Clear your cache and make sure that cookies are enabled. I just downloaded that PDF with no trouble on Chrome for Mac. (But I sometimes get those loops for Pro actions, too.)

dlhoefer3 years ago

I too have problems w/ a pdf download. I dl'ed the pdf for a paracord jig. When I tried to open it w/ Acrobat reader I got the enclosed message. Using Safari on

MacBook Intel Core i5


2.6 GHz

MacOS 10.9

For Instructables.tiff

Try clearing your cahce and trying again. Also, make sure you have the latest PDF reader.

Tried dl with Chrome and it was fine, perhaps something in Safari not working
i have the same thing theres no way around it maybe ask a friend to get a pdf and then send it to you
Thanks for taking the time to comment. I've finally been able to answer my own question - viz. the problem was a bloody slow connection speed and only after I'd clicked on the download PDF and was unexpectedly called away, that I discovered on my return it had downloaded! I think I need to put a meditation mat in front of my laptop. Maybe call it Zen surfing or something.