Producing sound through electronics.


I want make something that produces a 'meow' sound. Like, for example a beeper produces a 'beep' sound for an alarm, but I wanted to make something that produces a 'meow' sound. I have broken many cars and have found that a magnet produces the sound. How is the magnet actually programmed to produce the sound. What is the circuitry involved? Can I make something like that?


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Sorry but I can not follow you here :(

A magnet neither makes a sound, nor can it be programmed.

You might want to check cheap toys or sound generators for a suitable sound.

AkashdeepDeb (author)  Downunder35m3 years ago
I am sorry. Do you know, in cars you can get something which is circular which produces sound. That thing has magnetic properties too.
How can I make something like that to make a meow sound? Can I?

Can I make anything to create a meow sound?

There are old style horns available, they sound like a cow or these horny you know from the hillybilly movies.

They are magnetic as the magnet is in a speaker.

You can get cheap toys that create animal sounds through a tiny speaker - cost only a few bucks.

Instead of the speaker you connect an amplifier and use a big speaker or horn to produce the sound you want.

I think he means the magnet in the back of the horn or the in-car audio speakers.

AkashdeepDeb (author)  Kiteman3 years ago

I mean exactly that. How are they made with pre-loaded sounds? Can I make something like that? If yes, how?

Speakers work by sending a varying electrical signal to a coil of wire. That makes the coil vibrate, which makes the sound.

When you say "meow", do you want it to actually sound like a cat? Or a siren?

AkashdeepDeb (author)  Kiteman3 years ago

Hopefully, a cat. If not, some other animal. Or a siren/beep.