Professional Assemblers and Installation Technicians

Hey everyone....

The Savvy Tech... (Mike) here, I am a professional assembly technician and have been for about 30 years.

Don't know what I am talking about... you have seen the stuff on displayed at the store that looks great but when the asking about taking one home, people find out it comes in a box and requires assembly.

Sometimes the assembly is easy... many times, not!

If you like building things we should talk. I am the founder of the United Assemblers Network and recruiter for UX Assembly.

Check out this recruiting video on the UAN website.



Picture of Professional Assemblers and Installation Technicians
joe.esq16 years ago
is there a link where I can send you my info?
OhMike (author) 6 years ago
Did I say I love doing this type of work?
fretted OhMike6 years ago
Where do i send a Resume`