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The Artist in Residence Program connects extraordinary artist, designers and makers to the unique resources we have here at the Instructables/Autodesk Pier 9 Workshop location in San Francsico, CA. We invite these folks to use our facility to explore, create and document innovative and compelling projects and share them online with our instructables community.

We are looking for folks that can leverage the tooling at Pier 9, touching on anything from the test kitchen all the way through to the 3D printing and CNC lab. Our AiRs are the core users of our workshop and have full reign to the tools we have accumulated under one roof. They will also get the opportunity to rub elbows with various other members of Instructables and Autodesk staff who frequent the workshop to create some of their own fun and innovative projects.

Artists interested in a residency should complete an online application and are strongly encouraged to submit examples of their work as published Instructables.  In addition, applicants should send their curriculum vitae, and any supporting portfolio materials to  Applications will be processed on a rolling basis and residencies will be awarded as they become available.

*** All candidates must first document a project that you have done and publish at least 1 instructable before we will review your application. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with the process of publishing your work through instructables and also lets us know that you will be excited to share what you do with our community.***

Standard residencies will last for approximately three to six months, with the program supporting up to 16 residents at any given time. AIR's will receive a monthly $1,500.00 USD stipend to cover their expenses, as well as an allowance for project materials.  Residents will work primarily at the Pier 9 Workshop, however, residents are not limited to these areas and are encouraged to seek additional project resources when appropriate. 

All AIR's must be at least 18 years old, US citizens, or visitors from another country who are responsible for making their own visa arrangements.  AIR's are responsible for finding their own transportation to, and housing in the San Francisco Bay area.  Please send questions and comments to  We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your interest in this program.

I'm interested in the AIR program but the SF real estate market is insane! I have friends in the Castro who could give me a couch for a few days to get my bearings, but their place is tiny so after that I'd be on my own. Any suggestions or resources besides the obvious?

Actually, a post about all the little non-Pier 9 details would be awesome. How are food and grocery prices? How much are bus/train passes? Is Oakland/Alameda bike accessible? What about ferries? Do I need a car? Is there anywhere to camp within range of the Pier 9 facility? What are the biggest challenges faced by past AIRs? Is there anything they learned that would have been good to know before they got there? Any info would be appreciated.

search the forums for "artist in residence" and you will find lots of info from past AIR participants.

ebukvic8 months ago

does this AIR also supply a place for artists to stay? perhaps even on an air mattress in the studios? :)

Kiteman ebukvic8 months ago

I don't think they do any more, but there are quite a few options in the area for a range of budgets (I rented an apartment near Buena Vista Park, but I took my family along for a holiday).

Have a look at airbnb for a start:

You should also look at Oakland, over the bay, as an option.

CityGirl61 year ago
I would love to do this. It would be really fun to explore the potential of up-cycling and prototyping combined.
Believe me! I experimented that and it was awesome!!! :-)
Would you be willing to share details on what you made?
You can see most of the AiR projects here:

It is a very exciting time, if you're able.
Of course! My last instructables have been about what I did on Pier 9.
Hack42Moem2 years ago

All AIR's must be (...) US citizens, or visitors from Canada or the UK

...Oh.  :-(
Actually, we accept artists from all over the world.
noahw (author)  Hack42Moem2 years ago
If you are interested in applying I encourage you to do so. We can work to find ways of overcoming citizenship obstacles. If you have specific questions please email
jxross noahw1 year ago
"We can work to find ways of overcoming citizenship obstacles."

-This is California, after all!
Thank you. I don't think I'm ready for it just now, but I will bear that in mind.
Do, it's an awesome experience.
I know I wish I could, but I can't even get the wife to allow me to travel 3 hours to the Maker Faire in NYC, nor the 3 hours to Philadelphia from here, to see a really COOL museum......
I'm sure it is! Reading about your adventures sealed the deal for me, pretty much.
There is a network of ibles safehouses along the border that people can quietly jump from place to place?
Yes, inquiring minds wish to know.
I'd have to wait until both my boys are at least 18--so, see you in 10 years!
nazdreg20072 years ago
Does Ireland come under the UK classification??
Kiteman2 years ago
noahw (author)  Kiteman2 years ago
Kiteman noahw2 years ago
Just thought it needed rescuing from the third page...
noahw (author)  Kiteman2 years ago
Thanks for the bumps - it's now under the community tab and accessible from all pages. Plus, we'll make up some house ads for it and advertise on the site as well soon.
Kiteman noahw2 years ago

26 days, and counting...
noahw (author)  Kiteman2 years ago
Dare I ask what your project list looks like?

Also, I got a pretty nice set of Canon Image Stabilizing Binoculars just waiting for you here so that you can take a stab at getting a Birding Contest/Challenge/Channel off the ground for us.

The list will continue to grow :)
Grissini noahw2 years ago
I'm excited to see what Kiteman can come up with. A perfect choice for Artist in Residence.
@Kiteman, I think you should try to do a giant collaboration with other members. Maybe hundreds of arduinos w/ ethernet and another shield. Maybe something else. You've got my support for anything, feel free to ask. Make some Amazing, and have a great time in 'Merica. Cheers!
Right now, I know nothing about Arduino etc.

I do have a very long list, though....
Kiteman noahw2 years ago
I'll PM you...
from an out house ad...

Coming to America - August 2012.

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid...
Cool, good to see you cartooning again.