Programing (BASIC) , Want to learn

I would like to learn old school BASIC.
The parallax basic stamp uses it's own version of it called PBASIC.
I have not found any current books that will teach you a foundation to build on.
I looked into programing for the absolute beginner and programming for dummies, both books seem
to treat (teach) Basic as an object oriented language and jump into making window with buttons.
That's not what I need right now.

I want to start BASIC with the basics (forgive the pun), i.e. loops, if then statements and build a foundation .
But I really need to start with BASIC so I can get the best use out of my BOE bot.
All the parallax labs are in PBASIC.

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"Proper" line-numbered BASIC has been dead for several years really, but you can find resources

....with lots of links to lots of resources.

I learned to program like many, on the Radio Shack TRS-80 - in BASIC.

Have fun.

Omegablood (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
Hey thanks steve! :)
I got to give you a but, It can't be all that dead since the parallax basic stamp, and other starter PIC's use it, (as a learning tool).
There's a lot of snobbery attached to BASIC because it doesn't support this that or the other feature of a modern language.

You can write structured code in any language, but people were rarely taught it in BASIC classes explicitly.

Omegablood (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
So for writing computrer programs do you even need to learn structered code?
From my understanding BASIC was invented to give new programers an idea of what they were supposed to be doing, but I assume that is no longer even necessary.
Could you just jump into any language you wanted to learn with out prior experince? With the proper books and tools ofcourse.
Parallax Basic is excellent. It is no longer an interpreter basic But a compiled Basic instead that executes very fast integer math and complex functions supplied by the editor. A working Basic program can be converted to Machine language that is smaller code and over 20 times faster.

If you have a PC and you get a stamp development hardware from parallax
I would offer to teach you Basic.
it ain't hard it's more a discovery of wonderful options.

NachoMahma6 years ago
. If you want to learn "old school" BASIC, check out the books by John Kemeny