Project Runway Now Casting Designers

Project Runway is now casting for its 8th season! 

Do you have what it takes to make it work?

Strut your stuff on TV and get the entire Instructables community behind you to vote for your creations. 

Find out more about the process here and get your applications in by April 22 - there's no time to lose!  Don't forget to share your awesome audition videos with us in the forums. 

via: Bunim/Murray Productions

Picture of Project Runway Now Casting Designers
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Kiteman7 years ago
Do you think I have what it takes?
Would the theme of your designs involve a green bow tie?
That's an idea, but I am under very clear instructions from She Who Must Be Obeyed not to talk to any of the girls in the pictures, especially the one nearly wearing two handkerchiefs.
scoochmaroo (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
What is that anyway? Some kind of crappy ice dancing costume?  Boo.
I vote Kiteman for Season 8!
<practices catwalk strut>
Ah an engineering to "keep it all together" with the minimum of, um, restraint :-) 

I would think that last one (bottom  right) one would not want to wear that outside:  even if they are fake flowers, the colors might attract many a bee, etc.
I don't mind it to be honest. Yellow attracts bees to me, which was bad when I was in a school with a yellow school uniform!
Oy, and that cologne wasn't too helpful either I suppose  :-) 
I'm assuming you're not talking about a commercial centre and river port in West Germany...

Does honey actually attract bees?
Sweet things normally do,  and with SOME bees,  pieces of MEAT will attract them too.....*shiver* I saw this once on vacation....
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