Project Suggestions (Need Fresh Ideas)

Hello guys! I'm running low on fresh ideas. What projects do you have in mind?

Pending Projects For 2014:

- DIY Hybrid HiFi Amplifier (w/internal DAC) [Sponsored by:]
- DIY Launchpad (Create your own mix/ beats - Dubstep & Electro House)
- DIY Makey-Makey 
- Night Vision Spycam
- Recommendations HERE.......

Projects In Progress:
- Build A CNC Machine (made easy)
- Electro Nike - Electricity Generating Shoes (can charge smartphones)
- Sensor Network For Hunting

yhdesai2 months ago

try making a windmill

its not easy as you are thinking

gsyme137 months ago

An arrow with a camera on the tip and still balanced

I thought it would be pretty cool to have a (if possible, pocket sized) night vision camera out of an old video camera and IR leds. Even cooler if it could charge via usb port. I don't understand electronics well enough to figure it out.

One other thing I thought is 5 or 6 remote motion sensors that can send to a "smart" silent receiver (like a little box w/antenna & leds paired up with each sensor). When I'm in the bush hunting, if I set these sensors far around, it increases my awareness. Without directly seeing the animal I know where it would be & I could move to it.

Keep up the awesome everything. I love your instructables.

ASCAS (author)  laughingjungle8 months ago

Great! The first suggestion sounds like a spy shade camera + IR LED hack, I'll make one as soon as I find one. Say, any leads on where I can find a cheap one?

That second suggestion of yours caught my attention! It's brilliant, I bet that's an award winning idea! I'll go shop for parts tomorrow and build the sensor network that syncs with your smartphone. What would you prefer? The receiver as a small module with LEDs or a smartphone? looks like it has some cheap spy toys, many under 30$usd. But it looks like they may be too cheap, if you know what i mean. I googled "cheap spy toys" and some things also showed that seem a bit better.

I'm not sure about the second question. See, I don't have a smartphone, but my hunting friend has an iphone 5. I would say a small module with LEDs, unless the whole system can work on a smart phone that has no cell reception.

By the way, I think you should have a store to sell these things you create. Either as a DIY kit with parts & instructions, or all assembled.
quincy trott8 months ago

gas powered razor scooter by powering it with a weed eater motor

ShermChurlish11 months ago


Not sure if this goes here, but...

What do you think of this kind of speaker? Any special consideration?

I'm not trying to advertise this guy, I would like to build a speaker in a similar style. I've never built anything electronic, but would like to try it.

ASCAS (author)  ShermChurlish11 months ago

That's a great design, I might consider that for my next build. Thanks!

I say do it! Then I can copy it!
thematthatter12 months ago
How to make a srimpkey with arduino uno
ASCAS (author)  thematthatter12 months ago
What's a srimpkey? I'm interested.
its an open source makey makey,

the guy shows how to make one from a shrimp, but not from an arduino uno.
ASCAS (author)  thematthatter12 months ago

Ohhhhh god! You're a genius! I just searched it and found this on YouTube! Your suggestion is definitely going 1st on my list! I'm going to make this a GRAND ible guide ( (a detailed one). I'll post an ible around January.

Thanks "thematthatter"! :D