Project Suggestions (Need Fresh Ideas)

Hello guys! I'm running low on fresh ideas. What projects do you have in mind?

Pending Projects For 2014:

- DIY Hybrid HiFi Amplifier (w/internal DAC) [Sponsored by:]
- DIY Launchpad (Create your own mix/ beats - Dubstep & Electro House)
- DIY Makey-Makey 
- Night Vision Spycam
- Recommendations HERE.......

Projects In Progress:
- Build A CNC Machine (made easy)
- Electro Nike - Electricity Generating Shoes (can charge smartphones)
- Sensor Network For Hunting

red_green1 month ago

What about a DIY type Phillips Hue bulb: networked RGB lights controlled by the internet.

yhdesai3 months ago

try making a windmill

its not easy as you are thinking

gsyme138 months ago

An arrow with a camera on the tip and still balanced

I thought it would be pretty cool to have a (if possible, pocket sized) night vision camera out of an old video camera and IR leds. Even cooler if it could charge via usb port. I don't understand electronics well enough to figure it out.

One other thing I thought is 5 or 6 remote motion sensors that can send to a "smart" silent receiver (like a little box w/antenna & leds paired up with each sensor). When I'm in the bush hunting, if I set these sensors far around, it increases my awareness. Without directly seeing the animal I know where it would be & I could move to it.

Keep up the awesome everything. I love your instructables.

ASCAS (author)  laughingjungle9 months ago

Great! The first suggestion sounds like a spy shade camera + IR LED hack, I'll make one as soon as I find one. Say, any leads on where I can find a cheap one?

That second suggestion of yours caught my attention! It's brilliant, I bet that's an award winning idea! I'll go shop for parts tomorrow and build the sensor network that syncs with your smartphone. What would you prefer? The receiver as a small module with LEDs or a smartphone? looks like it has some cheap spy toys, many under 30$usd. But it looks like they may be too cheap, if you know what i mean. I googled "cheap spy toys" and some things also showed that seem a bit better.

I'm not sure about the second question. See, I don't have a smartphone, but my hunting friend has an iphone 5. I would say a small module with LEDs, unless the whole system can work on a smart phone that has no cell reception.

By the way, I think you should have a store to sell these things you create. Either as a DIY kit with parts & instructions, or all assembled.
quincy trott10 months ago

gas powered razor scooter by powering it with a weed eater motor


Not sure if this goes here, but...

What do you think of this kind of speaker? Any special consideration?

I'm not trying to advertise this guy, I would like to build a speaker in a similar style. I've never built anything electronic, but would like to try it.

ASCAS (author)  ShermChurlish1 year ago

That's a great design, I might consider that for my next build. Thanks!

I say do it! Then I can copy it!
How to make a srimpkey with arduino uno
ASCAS (author)  thematthatter1 year ago
What's a srimpkey? I'm interested.
its an open source makey makey,

the guy shows how to make one from a shrimp, but not from an arduino uno.
ASCAS (author)  thematthatter1 year ago

Ohhhhh god! You're a genius! I just searched it and found this on YouTube! Your suggestion is definitely going 1st on my list! I'm going to make this a GRAND ible guide ( (a detailed one). I'll post an ible around January.

Thanks "thematthatter"! :D