Project TTD--XM8

Alright well I wanted to keep this relatively low but I keep pushing back the project so I thought I'd let you guys know that trauts and I are working on an XM8 with a lot of special treats. I'm kind of stuck in California without my knex (and a small tub and a half here that will do me no good. I did teach my little cousin about knex guns and showed him the Mini-er TDS though >_<) so I'll have to wait until Friday to give you anything. I also have to finish my official assault pistol. So far the XM8 is just a bunch of ideas and nothing is built yet. I'm actually not sure as trauts might have made part of it but I haven't heard from him for awhile so I doubt it. Well for my assault pistol I was planning on making my war weapon now that others have. Thank god I think we may have found the new side arm and new new sniper fad...although now we're going to have a lot of spiff and bbkwg copies. It will be an open mag blue rod fed gun. I gave it a little twist for originality--I angled the magazine. This way the ammo is put farther up for more power but now the mag acts as a hand guard and doesn't stick out. Honestly it does jam like every 5 shots or so on average. I have yet to perfect it as I only started the night before I was leaving for CA. I should be making different versions of it like a larger one with a stock and yellows for ammo and then a smaller one maybe with a slide or something for whites. Anyways for the main project trauts and I are making an XM8 with a couple different features. Some things we're hoping to accomplish. *Similar charging handle- You'll be able to cock the weapon by pulling back a lever on top under the carrying handle. *Removable mag- Once again another one of my favorite accomplishments. *Interchangeable parts- The barrel/carrying handle and the back will be made to come off easily or at least without major mods to switch between the normal assault rifle and the compact version. *Hopefully we'll come up with an adjustable stock. *A grenade launcher for D splodies- Yup we're hoping to make a mini slingshot device in the form of a grenade launcher to attach under the XM8. Finally I have one last special feature pack that deserves more than a couple asterisks. We were hoping to save this as a surprise when we posted it but I might as well tell you. The gun will be part of a kit. It will be a war gun after all. The kit will include a belt/vest/ something to carry on you that will hold side arm, maybe an assault pistol, a couple of grenades most likely D Splodies so you can refill your grenade launcher, extra magazines, and finally a spot for your XM8. We'll try to hurry and post pictures with progress reports. I can't promise that we'll include every single one of these features but we are sure hoping to. So does this sound like a good Christmas gift?

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not a "charging handle"
Comments like this are why I hate alot of the knexers on 'ibles.
TheDunkis (author)  polishgangster98 years ago
*sigh* While they are very similar they are different. How about you search them up 'cause I don't have the time to explain it to you.
they are the same thing the bolt of the gun pull back the firing pin back to accept a round and it looks like a bolt to me
TheDunkis (author)  polishgangster98 years ago
The bolt in a automatic gun is, all in all, simply the back assembly containing the hammer and stuff like that. The charging handle cocks the gun the first time. In bolt action guns the bolt is still the same thing however it protrudes out the back of the gun with a lever in which you have to manually operate each time to load a new round. They have the same function they just go about it slightly differently.
Vexon8 years ago
2009 and still no XM8? =(

I want to build a xtra spesh knx gun but so far I have no good models to work with. I don't want to copy the XM8 or anything when, eventually it comes out but I need some ideas for a cocking and firing mechanism. Btw i am newb to k'nex guns.
TheDunkis (author)  Vexon8 years ago
Sorry man. Trauts failed me. I'll have another go at it later although I'll probably ditch the shell mechanism if I can't get it worked better.
you liky
is that your version or do you like to steal fron trauts! just joking it looks good!
TheDunkis (author)  ajleece8 years ago
He basically took my base design and added onto it. It does look pretty decent but knowing trauts I'm sure our version will amaze us further.
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